The Benefits of Becoming a Registered Nurse in Miami, FL


The Benefits of Becoming a Registered Nurse in Miami, FLAside from gaining the satisfaction of helping other people, there are plenty of benefits to working as a Registered Nurse in Miami, Florida. Florida National University (FNU), a regionally accredited educational institution in the South Florida area, would like to provide you a list of all the benefits of becoming a registered nurse in the South Florida area—particularly, the city of Miami, Florida.

The Professional Outlook of the Nursing Profession

The demand for the nursing profession is ever increasing and is expected grow 15% from 2016 to 2026 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is due to the aging population that typically migrates to the South upon retirement. This also includes the retiring baby boomers working as Registered Nurses who are leaving job positions open.

Why the Demand for Registered Nursing is Increasing

Another interesting turn that’s contributing to the demand for Registered Nurses is the quick discharge of patients from hospitals due to financial pressure. Just because the patients are quickly discharged doesn’t mean that they no longer need health care assistance. This is where the role of the Registered Nurse is needed. To care for these patients, other healthcare facilities like outpatient care centers, long and short-term rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and hospice centers are in need of Registered Nurses. In addition to the healthcare medical facilities, an increasing number of aging patients prefer to be taken care of at home. There, Registered Nurses are also in demand to ensure that the patient is getting the proper treatment.

How Technology is Aiding in the Need for Registered Nurses

Thanks to today’s technological advances, many medical procedures can be done in one day, which is why outpatient centers are steadily on the rise. Many medical procedures that would normally require days in the hospitals can be taken care of at urgent care facilities and even at a doctor’s office. In short, the more advanced we become in technology, the more patients the healthcare industry is able to treat. The more patients there are to treat, the more Registered Nurses will be needed to see to the care and wellness of these patients.

What are the Actual Benefits to Working as a Registered Nurse in Miami?

  • Work in rewarding career that helps people

No matter how much of a salary you’re earning, there’s something that’s wholeheartedly rewarding about helping other people who are in need. As a healthcare professional, a patient’s well being depends on it. Oftentimes, the greatest testament to success is having a fulfilled life. Working as a Registered Nurse where you’re treating the lives of people and mankind could be arguably one of those fulfilling careers. Because of the ever-growing aging population in the South Florida area, you’ll certainly have the opportunity to do this.

  • Take advantage of a more flexible work schedule

One thing that is certain about the healthcare profession is that it never closes. Operation hours are ongoing, because healthcare issues are. Granted, there are private practices and even some outpatient facilities with structured business hours, but when it comes to hospitals and any urgent care facilities, it is a 24-hour operation. This means that 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Shift Registered Nurses are needed to fill these hours, which also means that you’re likely to have plenty of flexibility to work a shift that is more convenient for you. Because of Miami’s high population, you’ll have your pick of several healthcare facilities like this to apply to.

  • Work in a variety of jobs within the healthcare industry

As a Registered Nurse, you not only have the option of a flexible work schedule, you’ll also have the choice to work other in career settings. Pursuing a career as a Registered Nurse doesn’t necessarily pigeonhole you into one type of profession. With a little more education you can teach Nursing, or pursue a master’s degree in Nursing and possibly become an administrator. The city of Miami is full of opportunities like this. You’re sure to increase your chances in finding the right nursing job for you!

Another main benefit to becoming a Registered Nurse in Miami is having the opportunity to earn your education here. At FNU, we offer nursing degree programs at an associate, bachelor, and master’s level. However, we even offer online programs. Take a look at our online curriculum here. Our financial aid department can assist you in determining what kinds of scholarships, loans, and grants you might qualify for.

Why Work as a Registered Nurse in Miami?

The question is more like: why not? Miami has beautiful, tropical weather all year round, beautiful beaches, and an Arts District where many talented artists thrive. Miami hosts some of the most popular events like Art Basel, where people from all over the world, even celebrities come to participate and appreciate all of the gorgeous artwork. Miami is home to the Miami Heat, NFL Dolphins and the Marlins. Of course, there are plenty of outdoor activities that you can take advantage of when you’re not on shift. Tour the Everglades or take a brisk walk or bike ride on any of Miami’s bike trails. Take advantage of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and charter a private sailing trip. Working in Miami, you’re only a two-hour drive from the gorgeous Florida Keys.

All of the above-mentioned reasons for working as a Registered Nurse in Miami, Florida are admittedly unrelated to the actual profession and cater more to the off-duty advantages of working in the city. However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention these things!

Start Your Nursing Education Today!

There’s really only one way to discover what the benefits are to earning a nursing degree in Miami, and that’s just by pursuing it! You might even be eligible for financial aid! Call and speak to an FNU representative to help you get the enrollment process started.

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