Book Lovers Testimonies

Everybody reads something: a textbook, an instruction guide, a newspaper with current events, text messages, motivational books, books on leadership, children’s books for your little one, a doctor’s prescription, junk mail, our emails, unforgettable stories, poems, a study guide, and articles from magazines and journals.
FNU Library

On National Book Lovers Day, we are thankful for our ability to read. Many people read in more than one language. In this century, we all are champions of modern technology and have access 24/7 to books and information. Nevertheless, there is nothing like opening a new book and imagining the fairy tales we encounter, or discovering a new part of the world, or learning new areas of expertise!

The desire of books brings us to the Library. When we moved to the new FNU Library on the second floor of the Dr. Jose Regueiro Classroom Building, we put out a small Guest Book at the front Circulation Desk asking those who visited to jot down their thoughts on visiting the library.

It is a good time to open it now, and share with the local Reading Community the Book Lovers Testimonies on National Book Lovers Day:

“The Library is such an important place. Also in FNU the new Library is amazing, it is bigger. Comfortable and staff are great!!!” – PTA Student

“The Library is fantastic: they did a really good job. People are always willing to help the students.”

“The Library is really good and the person who loves wording there are fantastic.”

“I find the new building very accommodating. Lots of space and very efficient facility. The staff is always very polite and helpful. Very nice Library.” Nancy, Psychology Student.

“I am in love with the new library, my favorite area are the study rooms, and also having class books to study.” Science Student

“The new building has been an excellent addition to the campus. I really enjoy the larger library and access to extra rooms.” Jose M.

“The new building is incredibly beautiful. I really like the new Library, it’s just perfect.” Carlos Perez, Dental Lab Student

“The new library section in the new building is a great upgrade to the previous library. There’s more study rooms, overall bigger space to enjoy. I noticed the study rooms are being put to use, students are using the library’s utilities very wisely. Overall, it’s a great experience.” Paloma Zhou, Psychology/Library Clerk

“The new library is beautiful and the staff so welcoming and in my opinion this is the best library around.” Jessica

“Amazing Library, full of periodicals, books, newspapers, and computers. A lot of study rooms. Great job!” Staff

“The new library is beautiful and spacious. May the new students enjoy it. J S. S. Staff

“The new library looks incredible. It’s very comfortable. Am so happy we moved it to this building.” Cassy, Nursing Student

“Hello FNU Staff, My name is Rico> Respiratory Student. The Library is super nice & very spacious.”

“The new library is beautiful, amazing, full of books, newspapers. I love the study rooms, students will be better students when they come.”

“Very clean & nice building, it is a great upgrade.” Emily Garcia, Nursing Student

“Love the new library! Bigger and more practical. Love the study rooms!” <3 Steph, BSN Student

Welcome! Congratulations! Come and Read! Our maximum occupancy capacity is 380 people. There are rooms and books for everybody! Thank you all for leaving these lovely messages. You can feel the love for books and reading in the hot summer day in the cool and fun library.

Ida Tomshinsky, MLS
FNU Library Director