How Business Administration Degrees Can Apply to Any Industry

student climbing a stack of books to reach graduation capAre you currently undecided on which major to pursue? You may want to consider pursing a degree in business administration. If your intention is simply graduating with a bachelor’s degree, enrolling for classes that constitute the study requirements for an associate degree in business administration can serve as a good foundation for undecided students.

For those who have decided that a degree in business administration is what they want to pursue, congratulations! Whether you have chosen to get a certificate, an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s, a business degree is going to be one of the best educational investments you’ll be making.

Advantages of a Business Degree

Business administration is the foundation of almost every type of organization, even non-profits. It takes proper organization of finances to operate a company. So acquiring the skills of a business administrator will make graduates more marketable in the competitive job-seeking industry verses someone who chooses to pursue a degree in a more narrowly related field.

What’s So Good About a Business Degree?

The reason why graduates with business degrees can be marketed to almost any industry is because of the skillset that they have acquired during their studies. Business degrees teach statistical analysis, management, strategic thinking, organizational structure in operations, domestic and international marketing, corporate finance, health care finance, administrative law and policy, and of course accounting.

This is the kind of skillset that is needed for every type of organization big or small. So to acquire even a certificate in business administration would shift an applicant’s resume closer to the pile of final candidates.

A Versatile Degree

Business administration degrees are also easily interchangeable with other degrees. For instance, if a student decides to take business administration courses for the first year of his or her academic career and then decides to switch to Health Services Administration or accounting, most likely, the introductory classes that were taken can be transferred over to the newly changed major.

Just like the degree is versatile, so are the jobs. Graduates with a degree in business administration will be able to cross over to other industries within the business sector without having to have a specific skill set for that field.

Here are some careers where one can apply the skills he or she has learned from a business administration degree:

Health Care Management

The health care industry is about tending to the physical and mental well being of patients whether it’s preventative, curative, or rehabilitative. Yet, it wouldn’t be a successful operation without administrative structure and organization.

Hospital Administrators

Hospitals and other health care facilities are conducted just like any other business.. Health care costs, whether it’s out-of-pocket or through insurance and someone needs to process this paperwork and oversee the income and outgoing expenses that a day-to-day operation incurs along with any increased handling costs. Some health care administrators also have the duty of taking care of human resource logistics.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations don’t make a profit, but they have the ability to bring in as much money into their organization as any other for-profit organization. Because of that, it will take someone with the knowledge and skill set to manage such funds and disperse them properly. It will take someone with a degree in business administration!



Retail managers are responsible for all of the processes that involve any goods being sold from their establishment. They are in charge of hiring and training the staff, conducting outstanding customer service, managing inventory as well as, the sales floor and its displays.


These days, it is a requirement for business managers to hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Here is where the exception for experience usually trumps what’s on paper. For this position, it usually requires that the manager have some sort of knowledge in the field, which he or she is managing. This is why students should consult their guidance counselor to inquire about internship opportunities so that they can gain the necessary experience.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Many graduates with a bachelor’s degree in business administration have become their own bosses using the skills and experience that they have acquired during their academic career to start their own businesses. Because a business degree teaches the fundamentals in communication, problem-identification, analysis and solving, students in this field are well-equipped to pursue careers such as:

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