Campus Discovery Day

There is a long-standing tradition of high school graduates to take the summer off for family fun before they apply for the chosen future profession at desired university. Many families go on a tour to see the academic life of the beloved University; others are writing essays and looking for scholarships. At Florida National University (FNU), many young talented men and women from Miami-Dade County, from Caribbean Islands, and foreign countries come to check out the Athletic Department to study and play tennis, baseball, basketball, and soccer. During the hot-summer discovery day, the FNU opens it doors to highlight, to celebrate and to promote academic works of faculty and student research. The admission tours overflow with cross-disciplinary explorations with our students, faculty and staff by sharing their scholastic and creative endeavors with our new contemporary Dr. Jose Regueiro Building and neighboring communities.

Historian John Hope Franklin once wrote, “We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world of the glories of our journey.” The Campus Discovery Day in academics provides a stage for the stories of those journeys to tell and share. Moreover, the campus visits provides an opportunity for meaningful dialogues within and across disciplines in academic programs, the student life support system, helping to foster a culture of ongoing learning, creativity and research at the Florida National University.

As you enjoy the day on campus, take your time and read the FNU blog or visit the home page of the FNU Facebook. With the social media opportunities such as ‘like’ and ‘share’ the various dynamic presentations, take a moment to read the publications, enjoy the postings, videos of virtual tours and observe the photo montage of the FNU student life that encapsulate the interesting and thought-provoking journeys many have taken.

Enjoy your explorations! The new building at FNU is open for amplifying ideas, building audiences and partnerships, and showcasing the modern specialized classrooms for educational programs. In addition, the labs, Auditorium, the FNU Library, and the Athletic Department enriches our student campus life and adding layers to our daily commitments. Life does indeed hold surprises, unexpected jolts, and moments of luminous splendors of joy from pedagogical perceptive of reading and learning, making the dream of graduation one day closer.


Ida Tomshinsky, MLS

FNU Library Director

305-821-3333, ext. 1161