A Career in Health Services Administration

The America College of Healthcare Executives’ publication Brief History of Healthcare Management calls healthcare management a “hidden career,” a job that is rarely recognized. Doctors, nurses, and technicians are easily identified as part of the healthcare system, but it is not often that one considers the management structure required to run such a large and complicated business.


What is a Health Services Administrator?

Health services administrators are the management working behind the scenes which allow a hospital to function. The American College of Healthcare Executives describes healthcare administrators as people who “are skilled, trained professionals, who care deeply about the quality of care patients receive. They partner with physicians, nurses, and other professionals to provide care,” as well as, ensuring “that their organizations have strong medical, operational, and financial footing to serve the needs of patients, their families, and the communities.” With job titles ranging from CEO of a hospital to a manager responsible for one element of the hospital – there are many job opportunities within this rewarding and exciting field.


High Demand

More than any other field, healthcare is growing quickly and providing new jobs, as well as job security. However, providing medical care is not for everyone. Health services administrators’ main responsibilities are not patient care, but more management and organization. While it is crucial to understand how hospitals function, as a business and for patients, the administrators won’t be the person providing direct care. Needing administrators with strong skills in leadership, business administration, and corporate organization – the healthcare field is creating jobs for more than just doctors and nurses, but also business men and women.


Career Opportunities

The types of healthcare facilities are growing, and they all need management and organization. There are big hospitals, but also clinics, nursing homes, physician practices, rehabilitation centers, mental health organizations, health insurance organizations, and more. The prolific number of healthcare facilities creates an abundance of jobs and increases job security. Beyond the number of organizations, there are multiple focuses and job titles within healthcare management: human resources, nursing administration, patient care services, marketing and public affairs, material management, finance, information systems, planning and development, and more. Healthcare facilities are large businesses, and while doctors and nurses are providing medical care, it requires a full team of healthcare managers to keep the business side running.


The Bureau of Labor and Statistics Occupational Handbook projects that by 2020 there will be a 22% increase in jobs for healthcare administrators with a median salary of $84,270. With a huge potential for salary increase and career advancement, healthcare management is a solid and stable career choice. Almost all positions require a master’s degree and affiliation with a professional association. However, some entry level positions, or positions at smaller organizations, require only a bachelor’s degree. Whether entering this field or seeking to advance while already part of the healthcare world, a degree in healthcare management is an investment toward a long and prosperous career.


Florida National University

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