Celebrating National Breast Cancer Month in October


flyer about getting checked for breast cancer


We turned the page on the calendar to the October month. It means wearing pink, it means we celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The women’s wellness organizations urge women ages forty and older to talk with their doctors during the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October about screening for breast cancer. Women who cannot afford mammograms may be eligible for a free screening during the October month.

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is most treatable when it is detected early. Now, is a good time to remind the women in our lives to get screened. Many young people choose the path to a new career in Mammography, Ultrasound, MRI, Radiography or Radiation Therapy. The Florida National University offer growing Allied Health educational programs to advance skills in breast imaging.

To our Allied Health professionals, thank you for advancing and elevating the medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals that enhance the quality and safety of patient care!

There are many books in the Florida National University Library that guide to help the indispensable breast health. The FNU Library offers you the “Pink Table of Books.” Come, check out the books, and leave an inspirational message of hope!

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Ida Tomshinsky, Library Director, itomshinsky@fnu.edu

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