Celebrating National Library Workers Day

Libraries help people to access the services and resources that they need to be able to achieve their goals and to discover their passion. Every day Librarians across the country make it possible to increase awareness and advocate for importance of reading, study and learning. In April, we celebrated the National Library Workers Day proclamation. Some people think that in 21st century we can everything find on Google. True. It is also true that in 21st century, Academic Libraries are reorganizing and adopting to the wide range of web-based presentations and learning styles both on campus and online. In academics, students and faculty equally comfortable with traditional books and electronic digital books, electronic digital databases with eBooks and eServices.

By the way, we moved and operating out of the new location! You can find us in the Dr. Jose Regueiro Building, on the Second floor.

Today, the library space gives students the feeling of being safe – to be in a ‘good’ place that fosters learning and study activities, and where students and faculty can disappear for hours, surrounded by endless possibilities of the free access to its information and resources. It is important for every student that the FNU Library Staff team is here for him or her every day from early in the morning to late at night. Librarians empowering access to books and information, and by ensuring free accessibility and by connecting people to information and collections.

On a regular workday, we have students who sometimes are at the end of rows in the stacks, because they are seeking privacy to study. We have student-athletes who look for the quiet area to get away from destructions; and many Library users want to get away from electronic devices and the loud voices to be able to concentrate on reading and learning. The study rooms and the Law Room intended specifically for individual, drop-in mind easing the process of study. If higher education is going to be sustainable, it should be about shared spaces and shared experiences. Research shows that study in groups stimulates better learning outcomes.

All students need libraries with resources that mirror who they are and who they will become professionally and on personal level. The FNU Library staff pays equal attention to resources for academic programs and recreational topics that reflect on individual passions, interests, and struggles. What makes the Librarian’s services unique? Perhaps, because librarians are in the position to help and they are strongly connected to the Library users, and make everybody who comes to the Library to feel that they belong here, that students are through collaborative efforts in the right place, and they are welcomed in the library environment.

These days, academic FNU Library impact is in the value of initiatives to improve practice and essential areas of research. By expanding digital literacy throughout LIRN databases, Library team is building life-long skills not only for student educational assignments, but also for critical thinking, problem solving real-life situations, and job skills development. The power of eResources is in its ability to be available to near anyone, anywhere, at the same time. In reality, Librarians transforming access to eBooks through technology. The sponsorship to eResources means access to wider readership, exposure to more culture, information, and educational content.

The FNU Library staff works on instructional support, collection development, and outreach programs to create an ‘InfoLit’ Learning Community: connecting with library users in the age of modern technology. Students are going to use the open web, and they need to learn how to evaluate what they find there, in order to figure out if the source fits their research needs and the guidelines for their assignment.

Arlene, Michelle, Eliza, Anolan, Martha, Maria Elena, and Ida represent the essential role for service – and community-based learning at local academic communities at the FNU Library in Hialeah and the Resource Room at the South Campus. For now, the Library staff are looking ahead and ready to organize and to settle in at new beautiful physical space that will expend the student educational possibilities and will open the innovations door for the future to serve not only the needs of the FNU students and faculty, but the entire local community as well.

The FNU Library started the Book Club. The first meeting had been dedicated to our own FNU Florida Author and Dental Program director, Mauricio Restrepo. Our next meeting is scheduled on last Friday of the month, on May 25th in the FNU Library at the Dr. Jose Regueiro Building. Come and start the #ReadingConversation!

I want to take the opportunity to thank everybody who helped us move the FNU Library to the beautiful new location! I am writing it with appreciation and gratitude.

Ida Tomshinsky, MLS

Library Director


305-821-9999, ext. 1161