Celebrating National Optimism Month

National Optimism Month

Spring is around the corner. The sun always shines in Miami and Spring Break is coming soon. Tourists, students, and young people are ready to hangout on the beach.

Even if obstacles appear in front of everybody, and student assignments become more laborious, sometimes, students cannot see that everyone is one academic term closer to the future of his/her chosen career. Keep going! The progress is real and achievable!

Not everybody knows that in the United States the month of March is celebrated as National Optimism Month! This is a great period to build future professional pathways. Students have many opportunities to network – from studying together in groups to celebrating with study-buddies birthdays, holidays, and even participate in FNU events. Have you met Seilyn Santos from FNU’s Student Services? No, then you have to stop by the FNU Student Services Offices at the Hialeah Campus and get involved and engaged in the activities and learn how you can contribute to the local community.

The time for New Year resolutions has passed, and now with the daylight savings, we have the gift of Spring, one more hour to spend with friends and family, to brush up on tests and review resources to succeed. Students are ambitious and full of good ideas. They are also disciplined and ready to follow their professional dreams. Optimism Month means that negative thoughts are not allowed. Optimism means that we are not alone and help is here. Not sure? Ask-the Librarians. The FNU Library Staff will direct you to the right place or will pull out tons-of-books and digital resources to help you on any subject you can imagine.

Expect to keep a good attitude during this month and spread those positive vibes around! There are sooo many things to do around the campus: contribute Children Books & Baskets for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, participate in fundraising events for the FNU Accounting Society, sign-up for International Clubs with Seilyn, or drop off the 8” by 8” squares for the Hand-knit patchwork blanket for Autism Awareness Month in April at the FNU Library.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” (Thomas Edison)