Choice Theory

I have a friend, a teacher, who works with at risk youth. I have never seen him in action, at least not with his students, but I suspect he is very good at what he does. How do I know? He has been my friend for over 10 years, and knows me very well. When I need advice, he is usually the first person I talk to. What is the secret to his technique? My friend does not really give advice at all . . . he leads me to my own solution.

Choice Theory BookRecently, this brilliant friend (please don’t tell him I said he is brilliant) suggested the book Choice Theory by William Glasser, M.D. Of course, I looked it up in my Nook and downloaded it immediately. Here is the first line: “This book is about how important good relationships are to a successful life.” Well, that certainly sounds like a perfect topic for this blog! After all, that is the idea behind Student Services and the Mission of FNU, building a stronger community. Since, building community happens one relationship at a time, this book sounds like the perfect place for us to start this journey together.

So what is “Choice Theory?” Well chapter one explains it this way: “we are much more in control of our lives than we realize. Unfortunately, much of that control is not effective.” (pg 8 ) Eeek! Doesn’t that sound frightening? It does sound frightening, because it is frightening. We are actually in control of our successes and our failures, our happiness and our misery, all of it. If we are in control, then doesn’t that suggest that we can increase positive experiences in our life and reduce the negative ones? (This is the part where I hear a choir of angels singing hallelujah in my head.) Awesome! Let’s get to work!

As I read through the book “Choice Theory,” I will blog about what I am learning. If you have any related experiences feel free to join me: the more, the merrier. Let’s have a conversation about this, add a comment, email me a story, a cartoon, a video, a song. Anything that expresses how you feel on the topic and we will take it from there. You already know the right answer. You just have to know where to look.