Computer Information Technology: 4 Skills Employers Want

Computer Information Technology Skills Employers Want

Today’s skills that are high in demand in Computer Information Technology include proven programming skills in PHP, Java, as well as using Apple-related technologies, Microsoft-related technologies, Cloud/storage platform technologies (SaaS) e-commerce developers, Blockchain, risk management and project management. The field continues to expand, innovate and every day the need for IT specialists grows and employers specify skills they want in their IT professionals to move their projects ahead.


Some of the bigger picture fields that are predicted to grow in the near future include:


  1. Cloud
  2. E-Commerce
  3. User Experience (UX)
  4. E-Learning


Starting off with an A.S. degree in programming, web development or network management will give you the technical skills you need to then move on to the six-figure salaries in IT Management positions.


What Information Technology Specialization Should I Choose?

Computer-Technology Related Programs

In job descriptions found in IT Management positions there are a myriad of different tools and softwares, such as Perl, Python, Ruby, Staff Hub, Kotlin, Teams, Power BI, Power App, TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS technologies, WordPress, EC2 server, Cyber Security, Oracle, Mongo, Linux, Apache, SQL server and more. This long, random list helps serve to illustrate that you have a plethora of options, so choosing a specialization or a programming language is a matter of gauging the trends, testing out specializations and seeing what you excel at.


As a helpful hint on trends, these are the areas that websites such as UpWork (an online market for companies who are looking to hire freelancers) and LinkedIn highlight.


UpWork lists Blockchain as their top growing field in 2018, followed by


  • Google Cloud Platform
  • e-Commerce (Volusion, specifically)
  • Risk Management
  • Product Photography
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Scorm
  • GitLab
  • Go development
  • Apple UIKit
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Tensorflow
  • Atlassian Confluence
  • Apple Xcode
  • eLearning
  • Customer retention
  • Articulate storyline
  • js
  • Scala development


As with any job, teamwork is critical. For this, “soft skills” are often emphasized. Employers need to know that they will be able to work with you and that you’ll have the personal characteristics to pull off the work successfully.


With technology innovating so quickly, speak to faculty at the FNU department at 305-821-3333 or online to see what career or A.S. might be right for you.


Soft skills cited in LinkeIn ads for IT managers include:


  • Analytical/Metrics-driven
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Quality control/detail-oriented
  • Multitasking
  • Forward-thinking, always looking for new efficiencies
  • Supervisory skills
  • Collaborative


Salary and Career Outlook for Computer IT Professionals in the U.S. and Florida


The national median annual wage for computer and information systems managers was $139,220 in May 2017.


In Florida the median income for IT managers was $120,110 in 2016, where the highest percentiles earned $196,070. Note that 46% of those working in the field have a Bachelor’s degree across the nation and only 8% have an Associate’s. This might indicate that you’d have an edge by getting an Associate’s degree when starting off, and will allow you to get that much-valued experience.


A.S. Degree in Computer Technology from FNU, an Accredited University

Information Technology Specialization

No matter what, you will want your degree to be nationally-recognized for job placement or furthering your studies. FNU is duly accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award associate, baccalaureate and master degrees.


Computer Information Technology takes the 15th spot on the list of all of the highest careers across the U.S., according to statistics compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While it is proven that a good salary is a pillar motivator for most people accepting and maintaining a position, for many the challenges and curiosity of working with computers, web development, is motivation in and of itself.


The ability to fit right into trends, carry those forward and create software, websites and information systems that are vital to the growth of any organization, company, startup or project is highly satisfying.


The technology field is quite different from most fields in that what you really need to do is prove you have the skills. To specify: although work experience is invaluable in any field, in the IT field you can go a long ways with basic education so long as you can prove yourself. A very small percentage of those working in the IT field have never earned a higher-education degree, and an even smaller percentage haven’t earned a High School diploma, however, an A.S. or B.S. have many advantages that not only put you on the same level as 95% of your coworkers, but also make you competitive in the job market.


An Associate’s in Computer IT can offer you:


  1. An immediate door into the field
  2. Contact with mentors
  3. Network outside of your workplace with other professionals
  4. Knowledge imparted by pros that you may have had to earn the hard way and on your own
  5. The credentials that justifies a higher salary


Four Computer-Related A.S. Programs at FNU


At FNU we offer four computer-technology related programs. Usually students complete the Associates of Science degree in just two years.


A.S. Computer Developer



Core Classes:

Networking Essentials

SQL Server
Visual Basic Programming I
Visual Basic Programming II
Advanced Programming
Web Programming I **
Web Programming II **
Web Page Authoring Software**
Suggested Electives:
Graphics Design I
Animation for the web
C Programming I
C Programming II
Database Management Systems


A.S. Computer Information Technology (CIT)


Core Classes:

Word Processing ***

(MOS) PowerPoint ***
Database Management Systems ***
Visual basic Programming I
C++ Programming
Networking Essentials
Computer Repair I
Computer Repair II
IT Help Desk Support
Client Operating Systems
Graphics Design I


A.S. Network System Administrator (NSA)


Core Classes:
Computer Repair II (Software) **
Networking Essentials **
Client Operating System**
Active Directory Service**
Server Installation, Configuration and Admin. **
Routing Protocols and Concepts****
LAN Switching and Wireless Networking***++
LAN Switching and Wireless Networking***++
Suggested Electives:
Operating Systems (LINUX)**
Network Security**
Database Management Systems (Access)**
Visual Basic Programming I **


A.S. Web Page Developer (WPD)


Core Classes

Introduction to Web Page Design **

Graphics Design for www (I) **
Graphics Design for www (II) **
Animation for www **
Web Page Authoring Software**
Web Programming (I) **
Web Programming (II) **
Suggested Electives
C Programming I
C Programming II
Database Management Systems


Financial Aid

Ready to get into an A.S. degree program to get the skills that employers want? At FNU our biggest motivation is to see our community get ahead with their life goals and dreams. Education is one of the fastest and most surest ways to get there, so we encourage you to review our financial aid page, a list of scholarships specifically for FNU students and others as well as FNU’s tuition incentives for military, government employees. Don’t let payment be your roadblock to fulfilling your dreams.
Call FNU today to find out what IT-related program is best for you! 305-821-3333 or write us online.