Conquistadors fall 5-2 to Eckerd

Conquistadors fall 5-2 to Eckerd graphic.
Conquistadors fall 5-2 to Eckerd graphic.


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (Feb. 8, 2024) – Florida National University’s women’s tennis (0-4) once again fell short for the fourth time this season after losing to Eckerd College (1-0). The NCAA DII standouts cruised to a 5-2 win over the Conquistadors despite FNU picking up two wins in singles play. 

Doubles play saw Eckerd’s Ericka Chavarria and Catherine Cole defeat Celeste Deniz Reyes and Natalia Calvo 7-6. Vanessa Simone and Nadia Abad would also fall 6-1 to Kylie Misdorp and Maya Soligo. FNU’s Chiara Fiorenza and Karyna Krykunenko did boast a 7-6 win over EC’s Olivia Lindestaf and Maialen Idiakez.

In singles play, Abad and Fiorenza played their way to 6-1, 6-0, and 1-6, 6-4,13-11 wins over Eckerd’s Julia Triska and Idiakez. EC took home victories in the other four matches to a decisive 5-2 win at home. 


Doubles Competition:

Number one: 

Celeste Deniz Reyes / Natalia Calvo lost to Ericka Chavarria / Catherine Cole (6-7)

Number two:

Vanessa Simone / Nadia Abad lost to Kylie Misdorp / Maya Soligo (1-6)

Number three: 

Chiara Fiorenza / Karyna Krykunenko defeated Olivia Lindestaf / Maialen Idiakez (7-6)


Singles Competition: 

Karyna Krykunenko falls to Kylie Misdorp (1-6, 1-6)

Natalia Calvo falls to Ericka Chavarria (2-6, 6-7)

Vanessa Simone falls to Olivia Lindestaf (6-7, 3-6)

Nadia Abad defeated Julia Triska (6-1, 6-0)

Celeste Deniz Reyes falls to Maya Soligo (6-3, 5-7, 7-10)

Chiara Fiorenza defeated Maialen Idiakez (1-6, 6-4,13-11)


Up Next: The Conquistadors goes to Boca Raton, Fla., for a 2 p.m. match versus Lynn University.


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