Graduation Requirements (A Minimum of 36 Credits)

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice provides students with the professional education needed to function at the finest level in a variety of criminal justice settings including: law enforcement, court systems, correctional systems, criminal justice and criminology theory, and management and leadership in criminal justice. Students will have the opportunity to focus their studies in areas such as leadership and management in criminal justice. The core curriculum and concentration options allow students to develop the professional knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to tackle the challenges found in the field. Students will obtain an education that will facilitate the understanding of modern issues such as leadership, management, and criminal justice theory, as well as basic research methods.

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Core Courses (36 Credits)

Credit Hours
  • CCJ 5015
    The Nature of Crime
  • CCJ 5285
    Survey of Criminal Justice Theory & Research
  • CCJ 5606
    Survey Criminological Theories
  • CCJ 6106
    Policy Analysis in Criminal Justice
  • CCJ 6118
    Criminal Justice Organizations
  • CCJ 6431
    Leadership and Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • CCJ 6706
    Data Analysis in Criminal Justice
  • CJE 5320
    Police Administration
  • CJE 5743
    Introduction to Public Safety and Leadership
  • CJE 5744
    Strategic Planning in Public Safety and Leadership
  • CJE 6120
    Personnel Management in Criminal Justice Organizations
  • CJL 6568
    Law and Social Control