What is the Best Dental Assistant Certificate Program in Miami?

dental assistant examining patient's mouthWhile teeth are considered the hardest part on the human body, they are not bones, contrary to what some people might think. Just like the hands, feet, and other complicated areas of the human body, teeth are unique and complex enough to have a separate field of its own. Teeth are made up of a calcified tissue called dentin and are covered in enamel, giving them that shiny coat that makes your smile sparkle!

If this type of information piques your interest, then you might want to consider a career in the dental industry. However, you can’t just knock on a dentist’s office door and ask if he/she is accepting applications! If you’re looking to work in the dental field, you’ll be working in the healthcare industry. Looking at it from that perspective should give you a better understanding of how respected and important this profession is.

About Dentistry

Dentistry is one of the most specialized branches in Medicine. This profession deals with the study of the teeth and gums. Dentists are responsible for the treatment of any type of pathology affecting the oral health; the most common ones: tooth decay and gum disease. Modern dentistry does not deal only with the teeth and gums, but also with the discomforts associated with the tongue, oral mucosa, lips and palate. The good news is that there is a branch of dentistry specialized to treat each one of these problems, such as endodontics, orthodontics, prosthodontics, pediatrics, implantology, maxillofacial, surgery and even Forensic Odontology

Education Needed for Dentistry School

The dental industry might sometimes be looked at differently from the medical field because of the type of schooling required. While getting into medical school often requires a bachelor’s degree, working in some other areas of dentistry does not. This all depends on what you want to do within the dental profession.

Other Tasks in the Field of Dentistry

Working in the dental industry is so much more than cleaning teeth and filling cavities although this is an important part of maintaining and keeping healthy teeth. This field also involves repairing broken teeth—and since every person has a unique set of teeth, a skill set like this takes a trained eye, extensive academic training and practice that can only be acquired at a good educational institution.

How Do You Fit in to All of This?

If you have aspirations to work as a dental assistant, you may want to make sure that you’re going to a school that offers an affordable, yet credible Dental Assistant program. Whether you want to be a dentist or have a position within the industry, it is imperative that the courses you’re investing in is up to date with today’s dentistry’s practices and procedures.

Looking for a Dental Assistant Program in Miami?

Prospective students living in the Miami area who wish to pursue a career in dentistry in their own community may most likely want to go to a school that is nearby. If you’re looking for the perfect dental assistant school to prepare you for a career in dentistry, Florida National University (FNU) might be the place you’re looking for.

Florida National University offers a Dental Assistant Certificate. Here is a little more information about this program.

Dental Assistant Certificate Program

Dental Assistants work side by side with dentists, assisting with the treatment of patients, removing tarter, stains, and plaque from teeth. They also apply sealants and fluorides to the teeth for protection. Depending on their job, they might even take and develop X-Rays.

The Type of Work Environment to Expect

You’ll find that most jobs in the dental industry are made up of private practices. While you’ll definitely find some dental jobs in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, the dental practices in the United States have proven to be quite successful.

Projected Job Growth in the Dental Industry

Tyson Downs wrote in his article “Five Dental Industry Trends and What They Mean for Practice Growth,” that 86% of dentists still practice solo, but this figure is shrinking. Ironically, this is due to the Affordable Care Act because smaller practices struggle to support full-time employees. The positive side to this is that the long-term ramifications project an increase in patients as “8.7 million children will be new dental patients by 2018.” And here again, this is thanks to the Affordable Care Act. So, while there might be a temporary dip in dental practices, it will rise again, thus the increase for dental assistance will as well.

Studying Dental Assisting in Miami

There are some people who live in Miami and may not want to live anywhere else. If you are an aspiring dental student who has the heart and dedication to work in the Miami community, consider enrolling in Florida National University. Our main campus is in Hialeah and we have another campus in Miami. Our advisors are ready to speak with you to answer any questions that you might have about our Dental Assistant programs. So contact us today!