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We Are A Florida University Offering Online Learning Degree Programs (100% online):

Florida National University is the answer to maintaining your busy life while achieving your goal of higher education certifications and degrees. Wherever you are in your educational journey, or even the world, we have a program that will work for you. With the links provided, you can easily learn more about the flexible degree and certification options, which are designed to fit into your schedule and through your device of choice. Many of our faculty teach both online and in-person meaning you will have the same expert educators available to you, but with the flexibility that you need. We have many online programs available; browse until you find the one that will create the shift in skills or career advancement that you want. Not convinced? Read on to learn more about what makes this method of learning so popular and if you’re a good candidate to start.

Distance Learning Advantages and Disadvantages

• Flexibility For Life

How far can you stretch your flexibility? Classes often don’t need you to log in at a specific time, but allow you to work and learn at your own pace. If you’re at work or pressed for time, you can prioritize them and work your education around it since a paycheck and good mental health can often take precedence for people over education. If not for yourself, then perhaps other obligations to children or family who need your care mean distance learning is the way to improve your quality of life while improving theirs. So you see, flexibility is more than just convenience – it’s acknowledging that life gets complicated. At FNU, we believe you still deserve quality education but conveniently done through online degree programs.

• Control Your Learning Environment

Where you learn is just as important as when. The classroom can be anywhere so long as it works for you – your bedroom, your home office, a café, even at the gym! And without a commute to campus, you can better use that time to study or review your lessons in the place you find most conducive for learning. Not everyone learns the same way or under the same circumstance of a classroom structure. Give yourself the best chance at adapting this crucial information with online classes and watch it take you to the next level of your professional endeavors.

• Spend Less For More

Speaking of a commute, when you study online, while you do pay the tuition fees and quite possibly other supplies like books or equipment, you don’t have to pay for housing or parking decals. There may be an additional online fee but it’s a fraction of what you’d pay in housing (up to $15,000 per year) or transport-related expenses. The U.S. has an outrageous number of students with high student debt – don’t be one of them by utilizing online distance learning to your advantage for overall lower student debt.

• Great Résumé Potential

Telling potential future employers that you took classes online while working or maintaining some other necessary aspect of your life will be a huge advantage. It shows the ability to multi-task, prioritize, perform without supervision, and possess self-discipline. Sure it’s not easy, but if you’re motivated to gain not just an education these set of skills will be just as invaluable. Without the direct guidance of an instructor, you will be able to speak to the challenges of project management, client communication, and keeping deadlines. In future job interviews, this will make you stand out in the workplace and beyond.

• Continuing Education For The Love of Learning

Maybe you actually love the classroom environment but don’t want to enroll in a program or fulfill prerequisite just to take a course. With online learning, your life can continue as normal with continued education as your side project for self-improvement. Without being tied to a career track, you can explore a much wider variety of options for courses from all degree programs without being tied to a longer commitment.

Are You A Good Candidate for Online Learning Classes?

To find own self be true and ask, “Am I disciplined enough to attend online lectures, do the work, and learn effectively?” Use this quick checklist to see what qualities you have and which ones would take some work before taking up distance learning. Train up your mind for this kind of challenge and you might surprise yourself.

  • Persistence to not just start strong, but to finish strong as well.
  • Time-management skills for all deadlines, assignments, and project turn-ins.
  • Communication skills for asking the right questions.
  • Basic tech skills to be able to navigate Blackboard and complete assignments.
  • Reading and writing ability to be able to comprehend the material.
  • Self-motivation and independence enough to not need others to motivate you.
  • The right environment that is readily available to you during the course length.

The Question On Everyone’s Mind – Are Online Classes Easier?

Just as the quality of the classes is the same, the level of difficulty is about the same. Perhaps even more so if the subject needs extra guidance or effort to understand than with just the materials provided to you. Besides the course content, it could also be more difficult to deal with distractions or from not having the accountability of an attendance requirement. In short, if you don’t have some of the traits in the checklist above, then you are at a disadvantage when trying to complete your degree online. But just like anything else in life, what’s done consistently is better than what is done occasionally and this could be your opportunity to be the best version of yourself with online education and the mindset to conquer it.

Browse the list below of our helpful and supportive staff who are ready to answer any questions you might have. Don’t delay and choose your online degree program started today.

Contact Blackboard Support:


Emry Somnarain, MD BSc

(305) 821-3333 Ext. 1049
Director of Online Education


Manuel Garzon MBA

(305) 821-3333 Ext. 1067
(305) 226-9999 Ext. 1310
Blackboard Administrator


Kelly Bravo

(305) 821-3333 Ext. 1049
Blackboard Support

Contact Financial Aid:


Laura Ginarte
(305) 821-3333 ext 1086
Financial Aid Officer

Contact Student Services:


John Ferrari
(305) 821-3333 ext 1040
Student Services Director


Contact Academic Advisors:


Jangerli Medero
(305) 821-3333 ext 1069
Online Learning Advisor

Rosa Hernandez Dr.
(305) 821-3333 Ext. 1013
Online Learning Advisor

Cary Noa M.A. Ed – Allied Health
(305) 821-3333 Ext. 1055
Room 311

Contact an Admissions Advisor:


Giancarlo Lignarolo
(305) 821-3333 Ext. 1080
Director of Online Admissions


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