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Earn Your College Degree Online

We Are A Florida University Offering Online Learning Degree Programs (100% online):

Contact Blackboard Support:

Sandra Lomena
(305) 821-3333 Ext. 1067
Distance Learning Director

Enmanuel Garcia
(305) 821-3333 Ext. 1049
Blackboard Student Support

Manuel Garzon
(305) 226-9999 Ext. 1310
Blackboard Student Support

Contact Financial Aid:

Laura Ginarte
(305) 821-3333 ext 1086
Financial Aid Officer

Contact Student Services:

John Ferrari
(305) 821-3333 ext 1040
Student Services Director


Contact Academic Advisors:

Jangerli Medero
(305) 821-3333 ext 1069
Online Learning Advisor

Rosa Hernandez Dr.
(305) 821-3333 Ext. 1013
Online Learning Advisor

Cary Noa M.A. Ed – Allied Health
(305) 821-3333 Ext. 1055
Room 311

Contact an Admissions Advisor:

Giancarlo Lignarolo
(305) 821-3333 Ext. 1080
Director of Online Admissions


Note: Some of the documents are provided in Adobe Acrobat format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print PDF files.

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