Dr. A. Omar Vento donates the book “Apuntes para una Historia de Pinar del Rio” to Florida National University


Mr. Patrick Byrnes and Dr. A. Omar Vento
FNU Library Director Mr. Patrick Byrnes receives “Apuntes para una Historia de Pinar del Rio” from Dr. A. Omar Vento


On February 20th, 2013, Dr. A. Omar Vento, a noted Miami gastroenterologist, visited Florida National University‘s Hialeah Campus library. During this visit, Dr. Vento met with Hialeah Campus Dean Jorge Alfonso and Library Director Patrick Byrnes.

Dr. Vento was given a tour of the Hialeah Campus library where he generously donated a copy of the recently published work Apuntes para una Historia de Pinar del Rio. This book, written by Wilfredo Denie Valdés (Ediciones Convivencia, 2012), was made possible through Dr. Vento’s vision and financial support. Indeed, his love for his patria (homeland) and his love for this Hispanic community definitely inspired the book’s thorough and excellent treatment of essentially all areas of Pinar del Rio’s fascinating history. For example, it has sections which examine the earliest roots of her history, her religious, economic, cultural, and political pasts, as well as, various contemporary issues.

Therefore, with this contribution in mind, I would like to once again thank Dr. Vento for taking the time to make this visit and for making this important donation. I would alsolike to take this opportunity to thank Dean Alfonso for facilitating this visit. Last, but certainly not least, I would like to invite the entire FNU community to visit the library and to enjoy this new addition to our collection. Viva Cuba and our Hispanic community!

Written by Patrick Byrnes, Library Director, Florida National University pbyrnes@fnu.edu