Dual Enrollment: Get Ahead of the Competition

Graduation cap on stack of books next to diploma It seems uncommon for many of today’s students to truly understand the value of education at an early age. That’s why students who enroll in dual enrollment programs are often considered extraordinary individuals with a bright mind. They are committed to scholastic excellence, which can be a determiner of future success.

Students who are looking for tangible ways to get—and stay—ahead of the competition after high school graduation are opting for dual enrollment. Let’s take a closer look at what dual enrollment is and who is eligible:

All About Dual Enrollment: What You Need to Know

Dual enrollment is designed to allow high school students access to higher-level courses without neglecting the commitment to their high school curriculum.

This is beneficial to students as they can save a portion of their money and time associated with enrolling in a university program.

It also benefits students by giving them an inside look at what college courses and the campus overall truly entails. Counselors and advisors can do their best to prepare students for college, but they can only do so much. Having the opportunity to attend a class allows the students to experience it for themselves!

What Classes Will I Be Taking?

Students who are accepted to participate in the dual enrollment program typically take general education courses. No one expects high school students to claim a major or program of study. So the pre-college students are able to lay the foundation for their educational career with the basics: math, science, English, and history.

Learn About FNU’s Program

The Dual Enrollment Admission Program is designed to provide the exceptional high school student a chance to accelerate his/her collegiate studies. Students who are recommended by their high school counselor for outstanding achievement may be considered for admission upon the completion of the tenth grade, but may not be admitted to college courses before completing the tenth grade.

Who is Eligible?

As with any university program, there are certain admission requirements to which the student must adhere. The following are FNU’s standards and requirements for all students who plan to enroll in the program:

  1. The student must hold a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 for the first two years of high school.
  2. The student must complete an interview with the campus dean.
  3. The student must present a letter of parental approval for enrollment.
  4. The student must present a letter of recommendation from the student’s high school counselor or teacher.
  5. The student must submit an early admission application with a non-refundable application fee of $50.00

Rules and Regulations for Dual Enrollment Students

Bear in mind that students must adhere to the following guidelines:

Students may not enroll in more than two courses per academic year.

Dual enrollment students will be assigned an academic advisor. The advisor is in charge of approving or denying a student’s course selections. This will ensure that students get the most of out their education by only enrolling in programs that they have the proper credits for.

Dual enrollment students are subject to all rules and regulations applying to all FNU students. Accordingly, they also enjoy all of the rights and privileges that applies to all FNU students.


Florida National University participates in the Advanced Placement Program agreement administered by high schools through the University Board. After applying for admission to FNU, applicants who have taken the AP examination should request that the Educational Testing Service send the examination grade report directly to the Registrar’s Office. Examination scores of 5, 4, and 3 are acceptable for credit. A maximum of 15 general education credits will be transferred.

Please keep in mind that dual enrollment students are not eligible for financial aid. Therefore, if a student is not going to take his or her studies seriously, it is highly advised that they do not enroll in the program. This curriculum is for dedicated students who are driven to learn and accelerate their college careers, preparing to enter their proposed job field faster.

FNU: Making Education Possible for All

Florida National University is committed to providing education for students of all ages. If you are ready to get started on your career, get proactive and find out if you are eligible for dual enrollment. Review the possible programs that you can attend and narrow down the one that relates to your prospective career path.

If you’re ready to get started, don’t delay! Get ahead of your classmates and get an early start on your college credits. Speak to your counselor to begin the enrollment process! If you are not a high school student, you can still make the first steps in getting your college education. Apply to FNU today to secure your education and improve your future.