Dental Lab Technician goes from Graduate to Business Owner

Florida National University students are cut from a different cloth. They are revered for their perseverance and determination. The spirit of the Conquistador is embodied in every story we tell. Enrique Martinez is no exception. Enrique enrolled at FNU at the end of 2012, seeking a certificate in the field that he considered home: dental. Having already had some prior experience in the field, he felt confident in the challenges that were to come. A little over a year later, he finished his Dental Technician certificate and was ready to fulfill his dream: Opening his own business. A goal that once felt unachievable was now in arms reach. Fast forward to 2016, Enrique opened Cerec Pro Dental Lab here in Miami. Looking back, he credits a big part of his success to his time at FNU: “My time at FNU was excellent and the education I received there helped set up my career achievements. Most of my studies under the guidance of Professor Restrepo and Professor Martinez. They weren’t just instructors, but friends. We had a great relationship”

As a graduate and business owner, we asked Enrique if he had any advice to provide to current Dental students: “It’s going to take a lot of discipline. Learning anatomy is challenging and requires a lot of work, but the work is so rewarding. Your mind has to be sharp. If you push through, you’ll be successful!”