Let’s be blunt. Excuses are fears masquerading as responsibilities. I confess, even I use them.

Take writing for instance, as a freelance writer, I use a Nome de plume (a pen name). It removes the inhibition of writing. When I write using my real name, I am much more self-conscious, much more careful not to offend. But sometimes, even the most carefully crafted words can be misinterpreted, so I hide behind my Nome de plume, carefully evading the curious Googler.

That is why the content has been so sparse here. I have made excuses about being too busy, of having higher priorities, of having nothing to report; but the truth is I have no Nome de plume to hide behind. Anyone attending Florida National University can easily inquire into the identity of the Director of Student Services.

The one thing I really love about my job, is helping individual students reach their full potential, but sometimes reaching your full potential means letting go of some of the excuses. So it’s time for me to lead by example and set aside some of mine.

I must be disciplined and brave, and write outside of my comfort zone.