Film Crew at FNU

If you notice a lot of unusual activity on the third floor of the Hialeah Campus today, you may have witnessed film making in action. The visiting film crew is working in conjunction with Hialeah Hospital to promote mental health awareness in teens.

Now, I know cameras tend to bring out the ‘ham’ in most of us. There’s no need to skulk around in the background waiting to be discovered. The film crew is open to using students, faculty, and staff as extras, as long as they fill out a release form.

Although this is an exciting event for us, please remember that these individuals are working. Please refrain from disruptive behavior, and if you do participate as an extra, listen closely to instructions.

Filming begins at 9:00am, this morning (Friday, 13th 2008). As always, faculty, staff, and students must have their FNU IDs to gain admittance to the campus—so don’t leave home without it!