Finding the Right Paralegal Studies Online Degree Program

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With the advent of so many online degree programs, finding the right paralegal studies within distance learning courses is much easier than it has been in the past. This being said, quantity does not guarantee quality, and at Florida National University (FNU), we want to stress the importance of finding an accredited institution from which to obtain your certificate or degree.

Working With Practicing Attorneys

A career as a paralegal allows you to work with practicing attorneys, helping them to maintain optimum efficiency through conducting legal research, drafting documents, working with clients, and managing cases. Working with just one lawyer or in a team, a paralegal’s duty is also to maintain reasonable and essential communication with clients, witnesses, and members of the court.

Obtaining the Right Skills and Knowledge

Obtaining the right skills and knowledge necessary to become a practicing paralegal goes beyond the standard courses, including the understanding of legal procedures and research techniques. A good paralegal knows how to think on his or her feet, articulately express ideas, opinions, and facts, and maintain exceptional organizational protocols for all facets of work. An online paralegal program must be able to address all of these essentials.

Going At Your Own Pace With Online Courses

The beauty of distance learning is that it enables you to go at your own pace, regardless of your personal schedule. If you are holding down a job, taking care of children, are house-bound, or find that an on-campus university experience is impossible for you for whatever reason, the flexibility of an online curriculum allows you to pursue the career of your choice at great convenience.

A Computer, Internet Connection, and Applied Self-Discipline

Through the convenience of your computer and an Internet connection, you can easily complete a two or four year program in Paralegal studies. With applied self-discipline and a schedule that fits into your lifestyle, you can download assignments, submit them electronically, enjoy interaction with your fellow students through chat groups, message groups, and more, and maintain a one-on-one relationship with your professors through email and video conferencing.

Reduced Costs with Online Learning

By eliminating the need for commuting, parking, and most textbooks, the cost of a Paralegal education is greatly reduced when received online. Taking hard materials out of the equation allows online universities to cut down costs, which is another factor in the appeal of this type of learning.

A Financially Rewarding Career

Deciding to pursue a future as a paralegal has many rewards. One of these rewards is financial. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a paralegal is $45,000 and claims that the demand for paralegal services is growing at a 30% rate, which will continue through the year 2018. (“Occupational Outlook Handbook: Paralegals and Legal Assistants”)

A Complete Program with All the Prerequisites

There is a wealth of options for paralegal schooling online. At Florida National University, we offer a complete program that allows you to graduate with the knowledge of the origins, content, operation, and consequences of laws and policies. Within the course work we also emphasize the importance of critical and analytical thinking, helping you to hone these areas through practical and creative methodologies.

A Solid Background Upon Graduation

Our programs are designed to help you develop your ability to find practical solutions to both ethical and intellectual challenges and to communicate complex concepts both orally and in writing. Once you graduate from our online program, you will have a solid understanding of legal procedures and research techniques that will help you be eligible for a place in the workforce.

What Makes a Good Paralegal Program

According to American Association for Paralegal Education, a solid education that provides a strong base for a career as a paralegal also includes a strong understanding of American history as well as business and politics. Courses in Communication, the Humanities, Behavioral Science, Mathematics, Natural Science, and Computers are all a part of a good paralegal study program, and are all included in our curriculum. (“ Home”)

Solid Footing For a Viable Career

Completing the necessary requirements for your Associate of Arts as a Paralegal will give you the footing to qualify for a viable career in the legal profession, or to pursue upper level studies should you wish to obtain a higher degree. By successfully completing the program, holding no less than a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0, and completing our required exit interview, FNU provides a continued relationship with you by offering employability training, job referrals, and the possibility to participate in annual job fairs.

Choosing Your Desired Area of Study

Choosing your desired area of study within the Paralegal program is how you can pinpoint and expand upon a given aspect of law. Such areas include constitutional law, securities law for those interested in world of finance, Torts law, wills, trusts and estates, and real estate law.

The Attraction of a Degree at FNU

Graduating with a Bachelors degree in any field and combining this with your Paralegal Certificate or four year degree in Paralegal studies can help lead you to the highest paying jobs in the field. With the additional benefit of having chosen an accredited institution like FNU, your degree will have an extra attraction for discerning employers.

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