Florida National University Joins the Lambda Nu Zeta National Honor Society

The Florida Chapter of the Lambda Nu Zeta National Honor Society for the Radiologic and Imaging Sciences held an Information Session at Florida National University’s Hialeah Campus on Thursday February 7, 2013 at 5:00 pm. The session was held for all students who qualify to participate in this prestigious organization. The honor society is an organization that has 133 chapters in over 42 states has now found a new home at Florida National University. Established at Florida National University in 2013, the Honor Society was formed to recognize students who have demonstrated superior academic performance and, and who have distinguished themselves as clinical scholars and leaders within the Radiologic Technology and Medical Imaging programs.


The Honor Society was originally founded in 2001 at Arkansas State University exclusively to foster academic scholarship at the highest academic levels and promote research and investigation in the radiologic and imaging science while recognizing exemplary scholarship. However, the Florida National University Chapter intends to take the organization to higher levels by not only encouraging academic scholarship, but by fostering relationships in the community and surrounding areas through services and civic engagement. Lead by their president Jennifer Gonzalez and club advisor Dannel Bisono students from all campuses came together to learn about how they can impact their education, community, and profession through participation in Florida National University’s Lambda Nu Honor Society.


Lambda Nu’s name is derived from the lower case Greek characters in the formula λv, which represents the physics of the inverse relationship between wavelength (λ) and frequency (v), an essential parameter across the diversity of modalities comprising the professions.


In a similar manner, Lambda Nu uses the upper case Greek characters Λ and Ν to represent the inverse relationship and the delicate balance required between the art and the science inherent in the radiologic and imaging sciences professions of radiography, radiation therapy, and diagnostic medical sonography taught at the University.


Lambda Nu’s colors are maroon for the radiologic sciences, forest green for the health professions, and gold, the ancient color of honor. Lambda Nu students will certainly be draped in honor as they maintain GPA’s of 3.6 and provide volunteer services in a number of different hospitals, health fairs, and communities. In an economy where nothing is free and everyday there are more people in need, Florida National University’s Lambda Nu Zeta National Honor Society provides a welcomed relief to students and their community.


Ms. Makeda Meeks, M.Ed.
Director of Student Services