Florida National University Sponsors a Day at the Beach

Danay Suárez, Cuban Singer and Songwriter
Ms. Danay Suárez on stage.

On Saturday, April 12th, Florida National University proudly sponsored “A Day at the Beach” presented by the Community Arts and Culture organization featuring the emerging Cuban singer / songwriter Danay Suárez. With heavy philosophical connotations and provocative beats, the music of Danay Suárez filled the streets of Miami Beach where the crowd gathered to witness the positive energy and spiritual sensations in Danay’s music.


Danay Suárez, Cuban Singer and Songwriter signing in the crowd
Danay Suárez singing in the crowd






Danay Suárez can be considered more than just an artist. She is a political and social activist as her music displays a combination of messages and innuendos that wake up the youth to stand on their feet and be aware of the realities around them. It can be said that when her music comes to your awareness it becomes a calling to a new moral commitment. Her lyrics exalt the audience to reflect on many spheres of action and feelings like: human fear and confidence, self-expression, social conduct, indignation, and anger.


FNU Prof. Daylen Elosegui
FNU Prof. Daylen Elosegui inspecting the crafts.


Florida National University is proud to be part of events like this and in the future, as part of its mission, looks forward to reaching out to the community with inspiring and authentic events like this.










Danay Suárez Cuban Singer Songwriter
Yo aprendí a no burlarme de nadie con arrogancia porque yo no sé cuáles serán mis circunstancias…..
Danay Suárez


Photos and Article by: FNU Professor Daylen Elosegui