Florida National University’s Library Resources

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A classic college scene for many involves students, being surrounded by piles of books, and studying in the campus library. A haven for researchers, the library is almost a holy space on campus – filled with information and knowledge. However, the modern library looks very different. Filled with technology, Internet access, and almost limitless information, the collegiate libraries of today are the heart of a university.

Florida National University

Florida National University, a regionally accredited and prestigious South Florida University, offers Certificate, Associates, Bachelor’s, and MBA programs in the most competitive and high-demand fields. FNU has both traditional classes and a host of degrees that are offered entirely online. The online classes allow FNU to provide superior higher education to people all over the world and in all walks of life. The flexibility in scheduling allows students to attend school, even if they have full time jobs, live remotely, or have responsibilities that make them unable to attend on site classes.

FNU understands that access to information is the key to progress. A school library is a student’s “all access pass” to the information they need. Proud to offer the finest in education, FNU has taken great care to create the most comprehensive and technologically advanced library system. Serving students all around the world, the FNU library offers multiple databases with content specific information, as well as content in multiple languages.

Florida National University’s library, of course, has scores of physical books, but long gone are the days of searching the stacks, microfiche, and old journals for the information you need. In today’s world, information changes quickly, and to stay relevant, one must have access to the most current knowledge. Almost all of FNU’s library content can be accessed online through multiple databases, which are constantly updated with the most recent information and research.

Florida National University’s Library System

The Library and Information Resource Network – this powerful resource includes several hundred periodicals, nine international newswires, classic books, maps, photographs, magazines, and abstracts. The network also includes the powerful databases of Infotrac, ProQuest, and LexisNexis.

Florida Electronic Library – this system adds over fifty more databases of multi-disciplinary content, including, but not limited to: Business Index ASAP, Criminal Justice eCollection, ERIC, Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, Health and Wellness Resource Center, MEDLINE, and World Almanac.

World Digital Library – a multilingual format, the WDL promotes international and intercultural understanding. This powerful tool allows access to information for FNU students all over the world.

Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library – this database system allows free access to current research and knowledge for nurses. Additionally, the system helps support nurses through professional announcements, nursing book reviews, journals, and conference presentations.

CEO Express – a database created to keep the CEO up-to-date and current with the ever-changing business landscape, CEO Express is a valuable asset for business students.

ebrary – this electronic Library contains over 17,000 classic and educational ebooks, drawn from 435 different publishers.

Learning Express Library – a valuable resource for testing and postgraduate studies, this database features practice tests, tips for job searches, prep for certification and license exams, GED prep, and aids in improving the basic areas of reading, writing, and math.

Most databases are only available to students and staff and are conveniently accessed with an FNU student ID.

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