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FNU students posing for a picGetting accepted to a university can be one of the most exciting times of one’s life. Parents and friends offer congratulations and support in abundance, but few mention the challenges that are involved. Getting an acceptance letter is just the beginning of a difficult path with many obstacles along the way. In a study of a national class of students entering four-year programs in 1997, after six years, fewer than fifty-four percent had attained a degree. Florida National University (FNU) is committed to its students’ goals, acting as a guide. Carefully steering students through the entire experience, FNU seeks to ensure that graduation is a goal with a specific plan of action, not just a wish.


Academic Assistance


FNU is committed to students getting the most out of their classes and ensuring that those who apply themselves will succeed. One of the primary purposes and goals of FNU’s Student Services department is to provide academic assistance, outside of the regular classroom. Helping with test prep core concepts, and study sessions, Student Services is there to help every student achieve success. Some of the most popular programs offered are Exam Preparation Sessions and Tutorials.


The experienced FNU staff provides exam preparation sessions in Science, Math, English, and Reading to guarantee that each student will be prepared for every exam and reach his/her own expectations. Tutorials covering English as a Second Language, English, Humanities, Philosophy, Math, Physics, Anatomy, Physiology, or Medical Technology are routinely offered, providing a variety of assistance and support required for individual courses. These programs are designed to supplement FNU courses, making success attainable for any student willing to put in the effort. These resources are available to all current FNU students and have consistently shown positive results.



Outside the Classroom

While the classroom is the focal point of any university experience, there are plenty of other things that need to be taken care of before the first text book is opened. Where will I park my car? How can I save on bus fares? What is available in the library? How will my financial aid work? The answers to these questions can be just as important as coursework. Student Services, more than just an academic resource, is there to help. There to assist with all aspects of college life, Student Services is an advocate for the student. Guiding you safely to your degree, Student Services has the answers to your questions.


FNU is committed to providing more than just a quality education, but a complete experience. Visit the Student Services page and make an individual appointment with an advisor. Or call and have your questions answered by people committed to making your college experience possible, productive, and positive.


Florida National University


Florida National University has provided exceptional educational experiences since 1982 and is committed to each student. If you are interested in more information regarding the Florida National University programs, please call 305-821-3333 ext. 3 or visit




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