Florida University with Excellent Benefits for Veterans in Miami

books on a desk with lettered dice spelling "study" in frontIf you are serving in the military or are on reserve and looking for a university in Miami, Florida, consider Florida National University (FNU), a regionally accredited college with two campus locations in the South Florida area that you can attend. We know that with your GI Bill, you have the opportunity to enroll in any university you want. With that kind of a broad decision, you may quickly discover that it’s not an easy one.

First Things First…

First, you’ll need to figure out what it is you want to study. And then from that point, you can narrow down your options a little better because some schools specialize in certain subject areas. However, if you’re not 100% sure what you want to study, that’s OK. There are plenty of students who enroll in college as undecided majors.

Helping You Find Your Way

With FNU, we guide our students to explore subjects that they will definitely need to meet their general studies requirement, but also counsel them to help discover what areas of academia interest them more. Based on these findings, we do our best to help our students commit to an academic program that will help them towards realizing their potential and eventually working the job of their dreams.

Our commitment toward all of our students—active and military is the same, and that’s helping you open doors to your future, doors that might not otherwise have been available to you if not for an education.

What FNU Does for Veterans

For veterans living in the Miami area, we offer great tuition benefits. As a United States Veteran, the cost of your tuition can be reduced significantly. FNU encourages you to speak with an advisor to determine what your exact tuition discount will be. This cannot be determined until your application is submitted and fully reviewed.

What Else?

In addition to the tuition discount, veterans will have the option of earning their college degree fully online with virtual classes or taking classes at any one of our two campuses. Our university is complete with an online and training center along with state-of-the-art equipment needed to help you along in your education.

With your GI Bill, you may qualify for the post – 9/11 Veterans’ scholarship that has awarded over $57 billion to over 1.5 million people.

Taking Advantage of the Student Veteran’s Act

As a US Veteran, you can take confidence in knowing that your university is obligated to making sure that it has met all of the strict requirements that’s needed in order to receive tuition funds on behalf of a student. What this means for veterans is that any college or university that receives government money for active and inactive military personnel, must have an approved curriculum that is designed to help prepare the students for employment. Furthermore, the educational institution must be accredited and meet all of the certifications and licensure for every degree program they’re teaching. This is all thanks to the Student Veterans’ Act of 2015.

The Military Spouse Program

Another great benefit that FNU offers to veterans and active military workers is the Military Spouse Program that pays up to $4,000 in training. These courses are not credited. However, no matter where you live in the country, military spouses can take career-training programs online in the following subjects:

Business Management Education & Children Counseling & Coaching CCTP Programs
Health & Fitness Green Energy Hospitality & Travel Creative Careers
IT-Cisco IT-CompTIA IT-General IT-In Demand Jobs
Legal & Law Medical & Healthcare Skilled Trades

In order to take advantage of the Military Spouse Program, FNU must develop an Education and Training Plan (E&TP). Otherwise, funding will not be approved. To get started on the E&TP, fill out an application. You’ll also need to complete the DEERS Eligibility Check form that is located in your MyCAA account. If you haven’t created an account yet, learn how you can do this by visiting FNU’s webpage here. Please note that decisions can take up to 14 calendar days.

FNU Degree Programs Available to Veterans

As a FNU student, you’ll have the opportunity earn your associate’s degree by completing 60 credit hours of general education in humanities, communications, and social sciences. If you want to go on to earn a bachelor’s degree, you’ll need to complete the program concentration as well as the general courses along with three electives.

FNU credited courses that lead to a bachelor’s degree all have a structure of 8-week terms and a new course begins every month, and no classroom attendance is required if you’re enrolled in online courses. As an online student of FNU, you’ll still have complete access to all of the university’s services.

FNU Has Military Friendly School’s Approval

FNU also earned Military Friendly School’s designation. This recognizes our university for recruiting and supporting veterans and active-duty military personnel. To learn more about the Military Friendly organization visit their official website here.

Type of Degrees FNU Offer Veteran Students

At FNU, you can earn your master’s degree in Business Administration, Health Services Administration, or Nursing. Bachelor degrees are offered in Legal Studies, Criminal Justice, Accounting, Health Services Administration, Natural Sciences, Nursing, Psychology, and Respiratory Therapy. Associate degrees are awarded in Accounting, Business Administration, and Computer Science.

View all of FNU’s online degree programs here.

If you are an active military worker or a veteran and looking to get your college education, contact an FNU advisor at any one of our campus locations to schedule an appointment so that you can start the application process. If you need additional funding, our financial aid department can assist you in helping you pay for your education. So contact FNU to start the enrollment process today!