What Florida University Offers Scholarships for International Students?

As an international student, it’s in your best interest to find as much financial aid as possible. While many students in the United States (US) may rely heavily on federal aid, international students do not have that luxury. Therefore, when it comes to finding the right US college to attend, many international students may want to research what kind of scholarships are available explicitly for them.

Finding a Quality University that Offers Good Financial Aid

While federal aid may not be available for international students, there are many universities in Florida that offer financial aid opportunities reducing the amount of tuition they have to pay. In addition to federal financial aid, many Florida universities offer scholarships that international students can apply for. However, it’s best to use good judgment when searching for the right kind of university that offers a quality education as well as a wide selection of scholarships.

Type of Financial Aid Offered by Florida National University

Florida National University (FNU) offers a long list of scholarship opportunities for all of our students—including international students. We encourage all of our students to visit our financial aid office to inquire about the full list of scholarship opportunities we have made available to FNU students. Here is a short list of scholarships that international students, in particular might find interesting:

  • FNU Alumni Scholarship

This FNU Scholarship award is granted once a year to any FNU graduate who has plans to enroll in another degree program. The amount of money that’s awarded for this scholarship covers 20% of the tuition cost of that degree program. The only way a student can be eligible for this scholarship is by earning a degree from this university. While international students who are freshman might not be eligible to apply, those who have graduated with an associates or bachelor’s degree might want to visit our financial aid office to inquire how they can apply for the FNU Alumni Scholarship. Students enrolled in the MSN, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Respiratory Therapy are not eligible to apply to this scholarship.

  • FNU Alumni Family Scholarship

We understand that some internationals students might bring their families with them to the US so that they can also earn an American education. If that family member is old enough to earn a college education, then he or she might be eligible to receive up to 20% of the tuition cost based on the degree program he or she is enrolling in. The recipient of this award must be an immediate family member. Students enrolled in the MSN, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Respiratory Therapy are not eligible to apply to this scholarship.

  • Diaz-Balart Scholarship

This scholarship is designed especially for international students who have attended high school in Dade County and are interested in pursuing a college degree at FNU. The Diaz-Balart Scholarship covers the complete tuition cost of the associates or bachelor degree program offered by FNU. Immigrants to the US are encouraged to apply. The scholarship is awarded every year to the winner of an essay contest that thoroughly explains the educational opportunities within the American Democracy.

  • Berta Redondo Scholarship

This scholarship is a little more focused towards students who are enrolling in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. He or she must also be an FNU graduate. That means in order to qualify for this scholarship, students need to have earned an associate’s degree from FNU. Recipients of this scholarship will get 20% of their tuition covered. Nursing students will be able to apply to for this scholarship every academic year.

  • International Scholarship for International Students Previously Graduated from FNU

This academic scholarship program is specifically designed to award international students with a 50% discount on their tuition. To qualify, students must have completed FNU’s English as a Second Language certificate program and then enroll in an associate’s degree program. The following degree programs are not eligible for a scholarship: MSN, Physical Therapist Assistant, and Respiratory Therapy are not eligible to apply to this scholarship.

In addition to completing the intermediate level of the ESL program and being interviewed by the ESL Division Head, students will need to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. This scholarship does not cover registration and application fees. This is something you will need to take into consideration when budgeting your college education.

  • Academic Scholarship

The Academic Scholarship awards the tuition dollar amount of $1,260.00 to $3,150.00 depending on how high a student has scored on his or her SAT/ACT test. This is also contingent on how high a student’s GPA score is. Students with a GPA of 2.0 or higher qualify. This scholarship is awarded to freshman and transfer students. To learn more about how you might be able to take advantage of this scholarship, contact Dr. Caridad Hernandez.

About Florida National University

FNU is a regionally accredited university situated in the South Florida area with two campuses in Hialeah and one in Miami. FNU might be considered the ideal hub for international students looking for a college education in the US because our campuses are located in a highly populated metropolitan area where Spanish is the second-most spoken language. Going to a university in this area can serve as a comfortable barrier between some students’ native home and their new life as a college student in the US.

We are dedicated to helping our student earn a college education. Visit our FNU Scholarship Opportunities page to learn about other scholarships you might qualify for. Then contact an FNU representative to get the application process started today!