FNU is ready to Rock!

–Rock the Vote, that is. No matter who wins the 2008 Presidential election, it will be a historic campaign. But why be a mere witness to history when you can be a participant?

The Office of Student Services is gearing up for our voter registration campaign. We recently received a voter registration application for each student enrolled at FNU. Soon you will see the funky Rock the Vote registration posters going up all over campus. After all, you can’t vote if you don’t register first!

Why vote? Because the world is full of issues that need to be resolved, and they don’t just fix them selves. Here’s just a few:

• According to 2007 reports, adults ages 20-24 have the highest rate of unemployment in the country at 8.2%, more than twice that of the national average. They are followed by 25-34 year olds at 4.7%. Bureau of Labor Statistics
• Today an average student will graduate with twice as much debt as a student ten years ago; today’s average job pays less than it did ten years ago. Campus Progress
• The Iraq War is expected to cost tax payers $3 trillion. With that money we could give Medicaid Level Health insurance to every uninsured American at $3,067 per person. Or we could buy 142 million Americans energy-efficient hybrid cars. Or we could send 20 million students to college. www.3trillion.org

So . . . what are you going to do about it?