FNU Job Fair Today!

The Hialeah Campus is hosting a job fair for all active students and alumni from 12:00 noon to 3:00pm, May 29th, 2008. Wear your student ID, bring your resume and dress for success!

Companies attending:

  • Miami-Dade County Police
  • Community Blood Centers of South Florida
  • AT&T
  • Broward Sheriff’s Office
  • Fed-EX
  • Waste Management
  • Target
  • Bank Atlantic
  • Fountaineblue
  • Brinks Home Security
  • Sears Holding Corporation
  • Team Concepts
  • A Ameriprise Financial
  • Miami-Dade County Team Metro

Florida National University

Tips for the Job Fair

Before the Job Fair

· Research the companies that interest you.

· Know why you want to work for a company. If you don’t know, they won’t know either!

· Prepare to ask questions of the representatives. Practice out loud to become more comfortable.

· Be able to articulate a 30-second summary of whom you are and what you have to offer an

employer. Preparation, enthusiasm, and energy will get you noticed!

· Try to identify specific experiences where you have demonstrated your strengths, skills, and


· Develop a strong resume and bring sufficient number of clean and crisp resumes. Meet with your Job Placement Officer in Room 144, (Frank Aveille Ext.1057 or Ronald Padilla Ext.1019) if you need help with your resume.

During the Job Fair

· When you attend a job fair, you are doing more than merely representing yourself. You are also

representing Florida National University, so put your best foot forward.

· Make eye contact immediately when introducing yourself.

· Remember the representative’s name after the introduction. If needed, casually check the


· SMILE! And be polite! Use good manners!

· Proper business attire is a must.

· Listen carefully to what the representative has to say! Don’t get distracted!

· Avoid using filler words such as ‘um’, ‘like’, and ‘ya know’.

· Show confidence in your voice. The hall will be noisy, and if they can’t hear you, they won’t

remember you. Be articulate and sell yourself.

· Obtain a business card from each employer representative with whom you speak for use on

follow-up correspondence.

· Manage your time well. Visit your targeted employers, then visit employers that may not have

been on your list.

· Don’t chew gum.

After the Job Fair

· Mail or e-mail a thank you letter to each representative with whom you spoke. This will bring additional attention to your name and affirm your interest in working for the organization.

Questions you may want to ask representatives:

1. What type of entry-level positions exist within your company?

2. What does your company consider the 5 most important qualities in an employee?

3. Why did you choose to work for this company? How long have you been with them?