FNU eSports finishes fall campaign as division champs

FNU eSports finishes fall campaign as division champs graphic.
FNU eSports finishes fall campaign as division champs. (Nov. 30, 2023)

HIALEAH, Fla. (Nov. 30, 2023) – Florida National University’s flourishing eSports program defeated Truman State University to claim its first League of Legends division championship. TSU came into the Nov. 28 contest 7-0 and at the top of the division before a stellar performance from the Conquistadors stunned TSU’s talented players.

In the 2-0 win, FNU got off to a great start in round one, posting an 11-1 objective capture advantage over TSU. The Conquistadors also led 4-1 in Drake captures, claiming the first round after just 32 minutes of play. Notably, Austin Phanitdasack was impressive in the top lane, taking down multiple towers. Caio Alves and Gabriel Colvara Neves did not disappoint and picked up several key kills during competitive team fights. 

TSU looked to switch things up in round two, triple-banning Phanitdasack’s top champions. But FNU quickly found its rhythm, picking up timely wins in opening fights. Luis Quinones and Paul Perez were the stars of the frame, as they continued to start team fights and take out TSU’s ADC player right off the bat. 

FNU sealed the victory at the end of the match, dumping all of their ultimates onto the enemy ADC. This set the stage for a relatively easy fight and signaled another FNU statement win.

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