New FNU Library Facility Is More Than Just Space for Books

New FNU Library Facility Is More Than Just Space for Books

After visiting the new FNU Library space in the new building, I had time to reflect on the months of thoughtful planning and preparations for the new library environment that our students, faculty, and staff will occupy and engage in benefits of the new FNU Library facility’s design and interior space to embody its exclusive character, look, and feel.

The first impression draws attention to the modern architecture and the symphony of lights. The modern architectural features include more than expanded space for the Library Collections. The contemporary library environment is surrounded by wood, marble tops, glass and steel; daytime lights and the view on the city of Hialeah from the Library’s windows.

Expending amount of individual study-rooms, more meeting rooms for group discussions or tutoring has enough opportunity for everybody to conduct seminars, to plan tutoring sessions, and training activities. Every library needs the multi-purpose rooms, quiet rooms and study rooms, activity spaces for makers and just simple hang-out space. Educational community of higher education is all about the culture of limitless learning possibilities, business and careers opportunities to fulfil and achieve personal goals for the betterment of ourselves, socially and professionally; our families and the cities we live in.

There are more prospects to do more displays and outreach programs then we did in the past. We are more than books on the shelves, we are a variety of services and activities. The balcony area at the second floor, attached to the FNU Library, is a great additional space for recreational gatherings, talent shows, refreshments, and even, music for special occasions – during library hours, if the weather will permit.

The FNU Library will improve working facilities and comforts, but more important, will increase learning opportunities that are set for student success. Each space placed to be activate by Library Staff Team & Library Collections, Informational Technology & Computers, and various special equipment that are serving as tools to enable a positive customer experience. Modern design hampers service delivery that will thwart the Library Staff efforts to work harder and more efficiently to get better results.

Today, more than ever, Academic Libraries are the heart of learning institutions and therefore, new library spaces support variety of learning experiences from individual learning spaces to social learning, active learning in groups and collaborative learning that include both research and information literacy.

The challenge of the libraries in the 21st century is that they were not built for contemporary learning, needs and activities of users in mind. The FNU Library facility in the new building effectively created the new customized environment for local growing academic community and designed for the 21st century library services to accommodate educational programs both on campus and online. Do not forget that FNU Library databases provide access to eResources and eServices 24/7, from anywhere and at anyplace! Physical environment means to advance the local FNU academic community, to spruce outreach activities of today, and unforeseen future agendas.

We are looking forward to unlock the doors for the positive impact to enrich student studies and learning experiences as a result of shifting the library service delivery to the next level of customer services for individual and group accommodations.

Ida Tomshinsky, MLS

FNU Library Director