FNU Makes The List!

FNU badge for Most Affordable Online Colleges

Online U recently came out with their list of the top 22 most affordable Online Substance Abuse Counseling Degrees. Of the schools listed Florida National University made the list! Coming in at number 17. Currently our Substance Abuse Counseling Degree sits at $19,250. Which only separates FNU from the top spot by $10,000.

The Addiction Studies and Mental Health concentrations can also be taken as standalone certificates as part of FNU’s certificate offerings for those interested in earning only a certificate in Addiction Studies and/or Mental Health.

This program also prepares students for entry-level positions and advanced professional education in psychology. Students will be exposed to the major domains of psychology and will acquire a solid base of knowledge in each of these domains, as well as be able to integrate and apply knowledge and meet their career goals.

Addiction counseling is a branch of mental health that focuses on those struggling with addictions. While this may be an overlooked, or at least under reported area of mental health, there are patients that struggle every day with the impact their addictions have on their lives.

The human mind plays a starring role in most aspects of our lives. It shapes our behavior, which in turn shapes our world. And that makes the psychology behind addictive studies far more than just a fascinating area of science. It provides a way to see the reasons behind our actions, which lets us understand and improve upon those actions for the betterment of our individual selves, our families, our organizations, our communities, and our whole society.

Addiction Studies Concentration (33) Credit Hours

• HSC 3143 Substance Abuse Prevention
• HUS 2421 Assessment and Treatment Planning in Addiction
• HUS 3105 Introduction to Human Service
• HUS 3429 Addiction Counseling
• HUS 3455 Dual Diagnosis and Substance Abuse
• HUS 3465 Relapse Prevention
• HUS 4321 Case Management Problem Solving
• HUS 4407 Substance Abuse and Aging
• HUS 4442 Substance Abuse and the Family
• PCO 4242 Introduction to Group Counseling
• PSB 4444 Psychopharmacology


The 2019 Most Affordable Online Substance Abuse Counseling Degrees rankings can be found here: https://www.onlineu.org/most-affordable-colleges/substance-abuse-counseling-degrees