FNU SGA President uses Philanthropic Passion to Organize Charitable 5K

Philanthropy is one of the principles which Florida National University (FNU) is built upon. Our founder, Dr. Jose Regueiro, was passionate about giving back to those less fortunate and enriching the community through charity. We carry that legacy with us every day, through all our endeavors. The most recent display is the upcoming 5K Running for Smiles, benefiting the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, with proceeds directly affecting children with cancer. The event, hosted by FNU, its Student Government Association and the Miami Children’s Health Foundation, is slated for this Sunday, January 15th from 6AM to 12PM. The 5K was inspired by FNU’s Student Government Association, led by SGA President Cecilia Navas. Cecilia, currently studying English at FNU, has been SGA President since July of 2016.

We asked Cecilia about joining SGA and the inspiration behind the 5K:
“Philanthropy is one of my life’s great passions, so being in SGA has allowed me to use that passion to organize great things for the community. Simply put, I love to help people. I love being a part of the FNU community. As for the 5K, it started with the basic principle of bringing help to people who need it. SGA decided to support children with cancer because them and their families go through so much emotional and physical pain.”

5k flyer