FNU South Campus Celebrates National Coming Out Day

National coming out day posterboard FNUOn Thursday, October 8, 2015 Florida National University (FNU) South Campus celebrated National Coming Out Day. Observed on October 11th, National Coming Out Day is an effort to encourage people to “come out” (engage in a process of openly identifying oneself as LBGT or a supporter of the LGBT community). To help bring awareness, FNU students participated in special activity. The activity comprised of signing a pledge asserting one’s support for the LGBT community and/or writing words of encouragement for those who are perhaps struggling to come out/reconcile their identity as LGBT and/or those who may have suffered discrimination because of their sexual orientation.

Students looking at news board in school The overall goals of the initiative were to affirm that Florida National University is a safe, welcoming environment in which all people can be their authentic selves; provide resources for those coming out/those with loved ones who have or will come out in the future; and to raise awareness about the utter lack of equality that exists in the world today (specifically in reference to the LBGT community).