FNU Student Proves Determination has no Age

“My experience at college, will help me to have a better future. In August of 2017, I began preparing for the entrance exam, the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (P.E.R.T). After studying enough, I presented myself at the school where I took the Math, Reading and Writing exams. I passed the Math test, but not the Reading and Writing exams.

This is where my experience in college begins, as well as the beginning of the registration process and online classes. I submitted the application for FAFSA and they gave me financial aid. I also chose the Business Administration Associate of Art degree. The program requires a minimum of sixty-one credits. (Florida National University)

In October 23, 2017, I started my first online classes through the Blackboard platform, where I have my personal username and password to enter my course lists. Each class brings all the necessary information to study. For example, the syllabus has all the information of each class is there. In December 14, 2017, I finished my remedial class and the College Skills class, required by the school and does not give credit to the students, it is just skills.

In January of this year, I began the A term. I only had one remedial Basic Writing Skills II, instead I could take another class of Macroeconomics. This class was an experience where I learned many skills of global economy, gross domestic product, also of consumption indexes and the economy of the United States, I end up with an “A”. It was very interesting to be able to study from home and on my own schedule I planned to meet these goals which in the end I can achieve good results and with a lot of effort to learn and develop new knowledge, which will help me to better perform in my work and my professional life.

After having finished the A term on February 26, 2018, I started term B, which is already much more advanced with new classes, such as Introduction to Information and Technology, and English Composition I. Striving day by day in my time after my work and my obligations, I ended up with very good results in the Introduction to Information and Technology class with the grade of “A” and in the English class it was a “B+”.

In my computer class I got my score don’t lower than ninety-five in each assignment. That made me very happy and as for the English class, I learned the coordination and transition words and the FANBOY, the verbs, subjects, etc. Also, I learned the writing process and for this career that I am following it is very important to have good writing skills.

Finally, I can say that I feel very happy studying now that I have a GPA of 3.85, I will raise it to 4 and I will give more to achieve it and have everything ready for this semester until term B. I want to be able to finish with honors and make the most of my life in this new journey and tell my children your father is forty-nine years old, and I did it, “it is possible”. Furthermore, to serve as an example to them also to have a better future, in the society, and in my professional career, face adversities easily and obtain a good quality of life.”

-Jorge B Rodriguez
Jorge Rodriguez - FNU Student