FNU sweeps Indiana Tech

Softball team huddling
Softball team

MIAMI – Senior pitcher Gabryella Hay tossed 7.0 innings before finishing with the game and improving the conquistadors to 18-8. The FNU softball team’s 5-1 victory over Indiana Tech in the first game of the double header would only propel the conquistadors for a strong start.

Gabryella Hay started it off for FNU in the third inning after a single, a stolen base and sacrifice hit from Megen Johnson to bring Hay home. Kyra Sunga would score the second run for the Conquistadors to put them ahead 2-0 after an error by the pitcher.

Yleisha Perez would score the third run off a pop up from Arianna Spinacchia.

The Warriors of Indiana Tech would get one back after Hornug would triple and score off a pop fly to get home.

Gabriela Obando & Kyra Sunga would score off a double from Madison bradshaw and an error from the catcher to conclude the game with a final score of 5-1.


Game 2

The FNU softball team allowed multiple runs & 11 hits in five innings. Indiana Tech took control with two runs in the first and added a pair in the second, before posting two more in the fourth, & fifth.(6-1)

The Conquistadors would make a comeback after scoring one in the second and tallying 6 hits, 2 errors and 9 runs to make the score 10-6 in the bottom of the 5th. The Warriors will have one more scoring opportunity in the top of the 7th after doubling and soring off a single to end the game 10-7.

Notable moments: G. Hay tripled, 3 RBI; Z. Nunez scored; J. Frank scored; M. Chiudina scored, improves the conquistadors to 9-6.

UP NEXT: The Conquistadors (19-8) will look to extend their winning streak. When they host the Edward Waters University Tigers Friday 3/25/22 at 1 & 3PM.

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