FNU sweeps the Webber Warriors on Senior day.

FNU Softball team
Softball team huddled together

Miami, Fla. – Florida National University defeats the Warriors of Webber International University

Game One – FNU 11, WIU

At the bottom of the 1st, the Conquistadors score three runs, Senior Julia Frank steals home in the bottom of the 2nd, and G. Hay hits a home run to secure two more runs and bring it to 6-0 at the bottom of the 5th. The Warriors would pull two back with a home run. The Conquistadors would peel away to score five runs in the bottom of the 6th a grand slam to conclude game one of the doubleheader.

Gabryella Hay pitched 6.0 innings giving up 9 hits.

Game Two – FNU 4, WIU 3

The Warriors started off for Webber with K. friend who singled. The Warriors at the top of the 3rd would score two more runs off a single by M. Houtz. The Conquistadors ould fire back with K. Sunga stealing home and G. Obando hit a single and would score off a double by M. Johnson. Z. Nunez would score in the 4th off an error and double by A. Spinnanchia. In the bottom of the 5th, G. Obando walks home after Y. Perez is walked with the bases loaded.

Gabryella Hay pitched 4.0 innings.

Kyra Sunga Pitched 3.0 innings.

The Conquistador’s overall record moves to 28-15.

FNU will host Florida Memorial University in Miami, Fla on Tuesday, April 26.

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