FNU swept against Middle Georgia in SSAC Round-Up

FNU women's tennis final graphic. (04-15-23)
FNU women’s tennis final graphic. (04-15-23)


MONTGOMERY, Ala. (April 15, 2023) – Florida National University’s women’s tennis team got off to a rough start on its final day at the Montgomery Southern States Athletic Conference Round-Up. The Conquistadors faced two matches on April 15 after projected rain forced FNU to take on No. 7 Middle Georgia State and No. 11 William Carey to close out its time in Alabama.

In singles play, FNU fell short of the mark as the Knights racked up four singles wins to secure the sweep. Vera Hoekstra, Pirada Suwanruk, Fabiola Bsereni and Karyna Krykunenko fell short in their matches versus a top-ranked MGS team. 


Singles Competition: 

Vera Hoekstra falls to Liza Hinrichs 2-6, 0-6

Pirada Suwanruk falls to Marina Prieto 3-6, 0-6

Vanessa Simone versus Anna Ruiz Masip DNF

Nadia Abad versus Isadora Oliveira Marcondes DNF

Fabiola Bsereni falls to Paula Rodriguez Velayos 1-6, 1-6

Karyna Krykunenko falls to Aya El Marrasse Zarioui 0-6, 0-6


Match Notes:

FNU record: (1-12)

MGS record: (11-3)

Up Next: FNU tennis faces William Carey today starting at 1 p.m.


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