FNU Teams Up with Well Groomed Gentleman

Fate would have it that a well-organized seating arrangement and a common vision for philanthropy would lead to a partnership between two flourishing South Florida Business. Florida National University and Well Groomed Gentlemen/Well Groomed Image Consultants is the pairing you didn’t expect, but love to see. We caught up Ricardo Alberty, the Business Development Manager for Well Groomed, to talk about the partnership.

How did you connect with FNU?
-I met Dr. Regueiro at a Hispanic Chamber Event at the Biltmore in Coral Gables. Luckily, she was sitting right at my table. Dr. Regueiro said that FNU was always looking to help the community, as well as enhance the experience of its students. Even though we’re a small business, Well Groomed is always looking to give back in a big way. We started talking about contributions and possible partnerships.

Tell us a little about the business. What do you guys do?
-Well Groomed Gentlemen is an all-in-one Men’s Barbershop and Spa. We recently expanded with a new concept to accommodate the grooming needs of women and children as well, Well Groomed Image Consultants. Both are located on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. We strive to provide a luxury experience and the best customer service. We have a full bar, with complimentary drinks provided to each client. We offer haircuts, hot lather shaves, waxing, facials, nail grooming, shoe shines and more.

What’s the goal in this partnership with FNU? What do you wish to accomplish?
-Well Groomed wants to show the community how important it is to look good. If you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, that reflects on your attitude. That goes such a long way, especially for these students who may be attending interviews or pursuing big opportunities. We want to teach these students, athletes and graduates the importance of good grooming and get them ready to get out there. And obviously, the cross-promotion will be nice too.

What kind of community events do you guys take part of? Anything coming up we should know about?
Every year we host the “Real Men Wear Pink” Breast Cancer Kickoff at the shop. On November 6th, we’re teaming up with the Miami Marlins “Baseball 2 Business” team to host a networking event here at the shop as well. We provide free shoe shines at multiple Charity Galas and make contributions at multiple fundraisers. We’ve constantly got something up our sleeve.