FNU’s Criminal Justice Online College

gavel and laptopFNU’s Criminal Justice Online College

If you are considering gaining an advantage in the job market through earning an online college degree, we commend you. Earning a college degree takes time, commitment and work – but you know it’s worth the investment. There are many different courses of study open to you, and even more work opportunities after you complete your degree.

One exciting field that offers numerous work opportunities is criminal justice, and Florida National University (FNU) offers both an online associates degree and an online bachelors degree program.

Criminal Justice: Jobs that Matter

The field of criminal justice is multidisciplinary and can lead to numerous employment options in various professional areas. Before starting a criminal justice program, it is useful to look at some of the recommended skills and interests that can make you an ideal candidate for a criminal justice career.

For example, are you open to new and interesting challenges each day, as well as finding solutions to problems? Do science and math come naturally to you? Do you want to do a job that benefits the general public and has tangible results that matter to society?

People who excel in criminal justice professions are often described by others as logical, analytical, rational, or good problem-solvers. Does this describe you? Or perhaps you enjoy reading mysteries, watching criminal dramas, and police thriller films? Maybe your friends nicknamed you “Sherlock” because of your love of delving deeper into enigmatic problems and figuring things out? If any of these apply to you, and you want to work with subjects that relate to society and law, criminal justice could be a great career move for you.

Work Opportunities for Graduates with Criminal Justice Qualifications

A criminal justice degree can be of significant use in many professional arenas. Law enforcement and crime scene investigation are two well-known options. In addition, a broad range of professional fields, such as social and human services, correctional services, forensic laboratory work, paralegal and legal assistance, court reporting and administration, IT, security, and criminal psychology also employ criminal justice graduates.

One common thread of jobs that require a criminal justice background is that they often deal directly or indirectly with the public and with improving social conditions. Because of this, they are also ideal jobs for people who want to contribute positively to society. Moreover, many require applying laws, regulations, and protocols to dynamic and variable situations – so if you enjoy solving problems, you might truly excel in these jobs. Beyond the job security and the potential for a comfortable life after retirement, careers in criminal justice provide the intangible satisfaction of knowing that you’re working to make a difference in the world around you.

Criminal Justice – A Stable Profession Even in Tough Economic Times

There is increasing demand for graduates of criminal justice degree programs. One significant advantage of the criminal justice field as a whole is that careers in criminal justice often offer stable professional outlooks. Communities across the country increasingly recognize the importance of well-trained law enforcement and corrections professionals, as well as social and human services officers.

In addition, jobs that are linked to a criminal justice degree require a human to do them and someone based on-site. This means that there is little chance of being outsourced or replaced by technology. Many of these jobs offer good salaries and excellent benefits packages. Along with these benefits comes the sense of fulfillment from knowing that one is helping the community while earning a living.

Earning a Criminal Justice Degree – What Does it Entail?

There are criminal justice study programs at associates or bachelors degree levels. Since these different degrees represent different levels of commitment and expertise, there are careers available that correlate with each education bracket. If you are willing to dedicate the time and effort to earning a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, you will usually find an expanded range of employment opportunities and higher-level positions. However, even with an associates degree in criminal justice under your belt, many different jobs are open to you.

The Advantages of an Online Criminal Justice Degree Program at FNU

If you are already in the workforce but want to advance your career – without having to quit your job or face a long commute to class after a hard day at work – then online classes are ideal. They allow you to combine your work responsibilities with the opportunity for career advancement.

Our online degree provides a student-centered teaching approach. Each student has his or her way of learning. In an online educational setting, each lesson or every new piece of material can be reviewed for complete mastery before you move onto the next. This allows you to individually tailor the courses to your needs and ensure you are performing to your highest potential.

Studying Online – A Flexible Way to Advance a Criminal Justice Career

The FNU criminal justice online degrees offer the flexibility to study from a distance without the stress and commute of traditional classes. Because you can decide when and how you study, you can tailor your study habits to your busy schedule. If you have family and personal responsibilities, then an online degree allows you to fit your education around your life priorities while still moving toward a brighter future.

Getting Started on Your Criminal Justice Career at FNU

FNU offers both an Associates Degree and a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. Here are overviews of the courses involved in each degree program.

Associate’s Degree: The Criminal Justice (AA) Associate of Arts Degree program is designed for students seeking an education in the field of Law and Law Enforcement and other high-demand careers. The program offers students a broad background in the Criminal Justice System, as well as including courses in communication, humanities, behavioral science, mathematics, natural science, and computers.

The Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice requires a minimum of 60 credit hours for graduation, after which an AA degree is conferred. Students who have achieved the Criminal Justice AA may continue their education at the bachelor’s level to other accredited universities, or begin careers in the field including law enforcement, court system, and private industry.

Bachelor’s Degree: The purpose of the Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice (CJBS) Program is to expand students’ critical and analytical thinking skills, to advance students’ written and verbal abilities to communicate complex data, and to prepare students for higher-level positions within the criminal justice sector, or gain admission to graduate-level programs. The Criminal Justice Bachelor of Science requires a minimum of 120 credit hours for graduation.

Contact an admissions counselor at FNU today for more information. We would love to show you how to get started on an exciting, fast-paced career path in criminal justice!