FNU’s Hialeah Campus Hosted Generación 23’s Auditions

On Saturday, September 9, 2012, Florida National University (FNU) hosted the first round of auditions for Generación 23’s talent search. Five semi-finalists were selected from a group of twenty participants. The contestants ranged from 13 to 18 years of age. Generación 23 is an annual talent search for future anchors held by Univsion 23 Miami. The first-round semi-finalists are Elizabeth Peña, Marianne Elias, Mariangely Reyes, Marliam Mesa, and Doris Olivares. The auditions were held at FNU’s Hialeah Campus.

To participate in the auditions, the contestants had to read from a news script in Spanish. They were judged on proper diction and camera presence.

FNU wishes to thank all the participants; and we wish all the semi-finalists good luck in the talent search.

FNU's Hialeah Campus Hosted Generación 23's Auditions


To view a short video of the first-round auditions, please click here:

Generación 23 Auditions held at FNU’s Hialeah Campus