Free Seminar Thursdays

If you’ve taken a moment to peruse the activities calendar, you may have noticed a number of seminars scheduled throughout the fall semester. These seminars were created to contribute to the cultural, social, professional and intellectual development of our students here at FNU.

There is no charge for attending these seminars, simply register in advance with the Office of Student Services. Some of the seminars offered include:

“How to Get Along with Your Professor” This insider look at proper academic conduct will help you understand your professor’s expectations and help you build a positive relationship with your instructors.

“How to Get Good Grades” This ten-step overview, presented by Academic Advising, is intended to compliment the more extensive SLS 50 College Skills Course. Use this is a crash course to get a head start, or a refresher course to help reinforce the successful study skills you are trying to develop.

“Hidden Potential: Claiming the Success You Deserve” This insightful seminar examines the character traits of the truly successful. With a little practice, you can develop these traits and achieve the success you deserve with the least resistance.

“Managing Conflicting Priorities” This seminar focuses on advanced methods of time and stress management. Time management is easy when you only have one thing to focus on, but what happens when you have multiple priorities all vying for your attention? “Managing Conflicting Priorities” has a number of suggestions to help you maximize your efforts and minimize the anxiety.

“Building Relationships: Before You Need Them” Think of relationship building as investing in your future. You can’t withdraw funds from an empty bank account, right? The same can be said for personal AND professional relationships. This seminar will discuss some of the simple ways that you can build relationships now—before you need them.