How the GI Bill Helps Veterans Receive the Education They Deserve

U.S. soldier with a backpack and books
According to The White House Office of the Press Secretary, the veteran unemployment rate has currently dropped to 3.9%. This is considered to be at a 7-year low. They further reported that the unemployment rate for Post – 9/11 veterans dropped 4.6% from 2011. The Administration recognizes this and has made strides in ensuring that businesses do more to help the United States (US) veterans and military spouses get the proper training and education needed with the Post – 9/11 GI Bill.
The US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has collaborated with national and community institutions in all industries and sectors to assist with how it can better equip US veterans with providing them the training necessary to land a meaningful and good job—one that will provide long term success for the community and even the economy.

As a result, every state will provide US Veterans with in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities. Furthermore, the GI Bill enforces the proper distribution of these funds by assuring that they are being issued to legitimate institutions and not being wasted on schools that “engage in deceptive or misleading advertising, sales, or enrollment practices towards veterans.”

GI Bill Comparison Tool

The GI Bill equips US Veterans with the tools to determine which college or university will be the better fit based on graduation and retention rates. This GI Bill Comparison Tool will offer veterans the option of determining which schools have the best success rate, and therefore will be more knowledgeable in choosing the best educational outcome for themselves.

Additionally, the GI Bill offers post – 9/11 veterans’ scholarship opportunities at any public college or university in the US. Since this bill was passed in December 2010, the VA has issued over $57 billion to over 1.5 million people who qualify for education benefits.

Florida National University (FNU) is among these schools that provide the opportunities for veterans and their family members to obtain a high quality of education.

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What FNU Offers

As a regionally accredited university, FNU takes pride in accommodating the unique lifestyle of US Veterans and their spouses whose location, relocation, and time constraints make it challenging to attend college in a traditional manner. That is one of the reasons why we provide our students with the opportunity to earn their college degree 100% online.

Career-Ready Student Veterans Act of 2015

Thanks to the Career-Ready Student Veterans Act of 2015, active-duty or reserve soldiers can rest easy having the assurance that whichever college or university they choose has met the strict requirements needed to receive any funds on a students behalf for tuition. Through this, educational institutions are obligated to make sure they “prepare student veterans for employment by meeting state-specific criteria for accreditation, certification or licensure in programs such as law, teaching, criminal justice, nursing, psychology, medical assisting, dental assisting and surgical technology.”

Depending on which branch you serve and which college or university you plan to attend, different orientations of the enrollment process might apply. To get a better understanding of how FNU’s admissions process goes for US Veterans, visit their website here.

What Kind of Academic Programs FNU Offers Veterans

FNU offers certificate, diploma, associates, bachelors, and masters programs. This is the perfect school for veterans who might want to start getting their education in academic increments. It is not uncommon for some prospective students to find the amount of credit hours required to graduate with a bachelors or master’s degree intimidating. Our guidance counselors are ready to help students enroll in an academic program that will not only complement their interest and skill set, they will also assist them in choosing the kind of degree that they feel comfortable enough to manage.

Certificates and Diplomas

Certificate and diploma programs are offered under FNU’s Continuing Education Programs. Unfortunately, these programs are not offered online. You do, however, have the option of visiting the South Florida area where FNU is located, and complete these programs as some of them take less than a year to complete. Depending on how long one plans on living in South Florida, this might be a great opportunity for veterans to take advantage of the in-state tuition benefit.

Associates Degrees

FNU offers veterans the option of earning a college degree in either an Associates of Arts or Associates of Science. The range of programs here vary from legal, medical, medical administration, business administration, dental, computer technology, nursing, education, accounting, to web design.

Masters Degrees

Veterans have the opportunity to enroll in any of FNU masters programs. They have the choice of pursing a master’s degree in Business Administration, Health Services Administration, Nursing, and an RN to MSN. Most of these master programs can be completed in less than a year. The Nursing programs for the masters program require a certain amount of hours of clinical studies. This requirement equips veteran students with the experience of working in a medical environment.

Finding a School Near All of the Attractions

Furthermore, attending FNU will land you right in Miami, Florida, where two of our campuses are located. Our main campus is in Hialeah, Florida near beautiful Miami Beach and hours away from popular vacations spots like Walt Disney World and The Florida Keys. Not to mention, FNU is home to the nationwide sports like the National Basketball Association’s Miami Heat, the National Football League’s Miami Dolphins, and the National Baseball League’s Marlins.

Other Ways FNU Helps Serve US Veterans

If you have any questions about how FNU can assist US Veterans—reserved or on active-duty, contact our admissions department and we will assist you in getting the education you deserve. So, start your enrollment process today!