What is a Graduate Certificate and Can It Help You Earn a Promotion?

If you’re interested in continuing your education beyond your bachelor’s degree, but don’t have the time or money to commit to earning a full master’s degree, consider earning a graduate certificate. A graduate certificate, or professional certificate, provides you with an alternative option to taking higher-level courses in a desired field of study. A graduate certificate is the quickest and most cost effective course of study because it requires less credit hours.

While there are many ways to earn a promotion, improving your skillset and applying it to your daily work tasks can help gain the attention of your supervisors or potential employers.


Student earning a graduate certificate. What is a Graduate Certificate and Can It Help You Earn a Promotion?

Improving Your Skillset

So how do you go about improving your skillset? With education of course!

For those who already earned a bachelor’s degree, the usual next course of action is to pursue a master’s degree. While a bachelor’s degree gives you, the in-depth training needed to work in your field of study, a master’s degree demonstrates that you have a higher-level of content mastery..

Challenges of Pursuing a Master’s Degree

Pursuing a full master’s degree may not be the logical next step for many students. Frequently, students enroll as non-traditional students because they have other responsibilities in addition to their academic demands so even a bachelor’s degree program is a challenge. So after graduating with a bachelor’s degree, committing to a master’s degree program may seem impossible.

While a master’s degree doesn’t take as long as a bachelor’s to complete, the commitment level remains the same—if not more. Master’s programs also come with higher tuition rates. As a result, many students tend to delay their education in hopes that they’ll have more time and/or money to pursue their masters in the future. However, attaining master’s level knowledge is still an option!

Graduate Certificate Program is Great for Working Professionals

Enrolling in a graduate certificate program is the perfect choice for busy professionals who don’t have the time to commit to taking a full master’s program. These certificate programs are designed to help working professionals build on a certain skill or content area in their industry.

The graduate certificate program takes a shorter time to earn because the courses are tailored to specific skills, whereas a master’s degree typically consists of a 36-credit curriculum.

Graduate Certificate Programs at Florida National University

The graduate certificates at Florida National University (FNU) are designed to be one of the most advanced certificate programs in the South Florida area. These programs take approximately four months to complete with a requirement of only 12 credit hours. If you are a professional who is looking to improve your skills and knowledge in a specialized area, consider one of FNU’s concentrated diplomas in the following industries:

  • Academic Advising – This certificate is designed for those teaching in K-12 or higher education to enter the field of academic advising or those working in academic advising with a degree in another field. It provides the foundation in the theory and practice of academic advising.
  • Finance – Gain a better understanding of the financial sector with graduate level courses that will help you become a better manager across the scope of finance. You’ll also review today’s financial institution in terms of how interest rates relate to corporate finance and global trends.
  • General Management – With this graduate certificate, you will have acquired the tools needed to not only manage finances, but also develop and manage operations, learn how to lead state-of-the-art businesses and possibly even create one yourself as an entrepreneur.
  • Health Services Administration – If you’re already working in the healthcare industry, this certificate will help you develop your skills as an administrator, expand your knowledge of health care laws and legislation and manage finances according to the practical application of health care theories.
  • Human Resources Management – If you’re looking for a career advancement, landing a job as an executive in human resources is going to be one of the best educational investments you can make. With this graduate certificate, you’ll learn in-depth to plan, organize, develop and implement human resource systems.
  • Marketing – If you are in an entry to mid-level marketing position and aspire to land an executive position, then this is the graduate certificate you want to pursue. Here, you’ll gain an extensive understanding of service and international marketing, consumer behavior and improve your strategic thinking.
  • Public Management and Leadership – If you have a penchant for public service, enroll in this program. Bolster your resume with skillsets that turn you a better public relations manager who understands administrative law and public policy and can get things done.


All Graduate Certificate Programs are Regionally Accredited.

FNU is a regionally accredited higher education institution approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). In order to meet SACSOC’s accreditation standards.

Prepare for Your Promotion Today.

Any one of these graduate certificate programs at FNU could help you earn a promotion in your area of interest. You’ll even be qualified to contend with candidates holding master’s degrees. Having additional training to prove you can handle higher-level responsibilities will definitely increase your chances for a promotion.

You can enroll in one of our graduate certificate programs today and earn your professional diploma in just four months. Call FNU at any of our campuses in Miami or Hialeah to start the enrollment process today.