Graduate Certificate Program in Miami: How to Get Started

There are many working professionals who desire to attain a higher level of education, but may not have the time to commit to a full master’s degree program. The administrators at Florida National University (FNU), a regionally accredited educational institution based in the South Florida area, understand this all too well, which is why we offer graduate certificates that concentrate in various businesses in industries such as:

Graduate Certificate Program in Miami: How to Get Started | FNU

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • General Management
  • Public Management & Leadership
  • Health Services Administration

Each of these certificates is offered in four, 3-credit hour, highly concentrated academic courses geared toward a higher-level of academia in its respected field of business. With these graduate certificate programs, you have the chance to earn a graduate degree in a fraction of the time that it would take to earn a full masters. Furthermore, with a master’s degree, you typically have the option of selecting one concentration of business to concentrate to supplement the traditional core courses of a business administration degree.

Why Consider a Graduate Certificate?

With a graduate certificate, you’ll be able to dive right into the core courses—something that is most advantageous for busy professionals. Investing in certificate programs like this offers an immediate return on investment, as you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned toward your current career.

Earning a graduate degree also provides working professionals with an enhanced skillset that can propel their career to the next level—a quicker and efficient way to pursue a continuing education.

The Benefits of a Graduate Certificate

One of the benefits of enrolling in a graduate certificate program is that they don’t require the demand of a full master’s degree. For instance, if you’re interested in furthering your accounting skills, then you can enroll in the Certificate in Accounting program. After you pass the four courses, then you can choose to enroll in another graduate certificate program such as the Certificate in Finance, and so forth. Unlike the Masters in Business Administration degree (MBA), you’ll have the option to take a few weeks or even months off before starting another certificate program—that is, if you’re interested in getting more graduate degrees!

If you so choose, take all six certificate programs if they apply to your profession. For professionals working in the healthcare sector, we recommend the Graduate Certificate in Health Services Administration.

Use Your Credits to Transfer to an MBA Program

Another added benefit to earning an FNU graduate certificate is that you will have the option to transfer those graduate credits to an MBA program. A total of twelve credit hours from any of these graduate certificate programs are transferable to FNU’s MBA program. Graduates of these certificate programs can enroll anytime within 5 years of earning the certificate. This is the perfect way to prepare to yourself for an MBA degree without committing to a full program.

Completing the concentration courses in the certificate program might be the most efficient way to go for professionals who are already working in the field. With a graduate certificate in your preferred concentration of study, you will have most of the more challenging courses completed. When and if you decide to enroll in FNU’s MBA program, all you have to concern yourself with is completing the following core courses:

Graduate Certificate Program in Miami: How to Get Started | FNU

FNU’s MBA core concentrations focus on management, accounting and finance—all of the key elements needed to operate a successful business.

What to Expect from an FNU Graduate Certificate Program

Students enrolled in any of our graduate certificate programs can expect to learn an extensive amount of industry knowledge that will build on their current skillset not to mention further nurturing their soft skills that will only enhance their professional talent making them a more valuable employee.

The graduate curriculum at FNU entails a combination of an elite academic structural platform that consists of case studies from the Harvard Case Library and one-on-one academic support with the assistance of video conferencing. Students will also have access to an extensive online library of research journals and data banks—something that will not help them excel academically and professionally.

FNU’s graduate certificate courses also utilize Capsim, a people management simulation that helps students develop their soft skills. This software is ideal for corporate training and perfect for preparing new graduates for real-world situations that they might face while on the job. It also keeps working professionals’ skillset sharp, helping them secure their position in the workforce.

Gain New Professional Contacts!

Going back to school to earn a graduate certificate might also broaden your professional network. Meet new people and gain valuable contacts with other seasoned or up-and-coming professionals who are looking to enhance their skillset with a graduate certificate from FNU.

Taking graduate certificates programs at FNU is a cost-efficient way of earning a master’s degree. By using this approach, the tuition will be less expensive and you’ll be able to receive a graduate degree quicker. Diversify your resume by enrolling in FNU’s graduate program that will make you more marketable. Enroll in a graduate program that will hold your interests and make you a better professional.

Research in detail what kinds of business courses are available to you through FNU’s graduate certificate programs here. Then start the enrollment process by contacting an FNU advisor today!