Graduate Certificate Programs You Can Take in South Florida

A master’s degree program does not have to be a daunting time-consuming project that might require you to quit your job to focus on your studies. If you are interested in getting back to school but are concerned about the time commitment, Florida National University has created a micro-masters program that allows grad students to work on a specific professional area while still holding down a full-time job. Our Graduate Certificate programs are designed to enable students to practice and sharpen their skills by finding practical applications in the work environment.

At FNU, You Can Transfer Credits to Your Master’s Degree

Students who wish to start making steady progress towards their master’s degree can earn a graduate certificate and transfer those credits, later on, to contribute to their master’s degree. Our concentrated master’s classes impart valuable skills to grad students to increase their job market value. If you are unsure about the area of study to venture into, the graduate certificate master’s course is a perfect way to test the waters on a smaller scale.

Four Reasons a Graduate Certificate is Right for You

A graduate certificate will sharpen your skill set so you can advance your career. An added advantage is that you can get the certification in record time. Here are five ways our graduate certificate course can benefit your career.

1) It’s Cheaper Than a Master’s Program

Our graduate certificate programs are more affordable than a traditional master’s program. The programs also take less time to complete, making them the perfect option for working students.

2) A Certificate Can Help Build Up a Professional Portfolio

Building a well-rounded professional portfolio improves your chances of successfully applying for your master’s degree. A good portfolio can also give you a competitive edge against other applicants. FNU’s graduate certificates will strategically position you for the next huge opportunity in your career.

3) Certificates Help Graduates Build Complementary Skillsets

Florida National University’s graduate certificate programs allow students to explore subject matter that complements their existing skillset. For example, a student with a strong background in administrative law could pursue a management course to extend their current knowledge base of business practices or leadership strategies.

The Bottom Line

A graduate certificate is a perfect solution for students that are not ready to dive into a full master’s degree program. At FNU, we offer the opportunity to earn graduate certificates to work towards or build upon a master’s degree in South Florida. This is your chance to study at one of the best universities in South Florida! Call us today at 305-821-3333.