Guest Lecture Series Featuring: Ms. Toya Robinson, Pulmonary Care Specialist from Discovery Labs

Toya Robinson Discovery Lab
FNU Guest Lecturer: Ms. Toya Robinson

On February 10, 2014, the RET program at Florida National University (FNU) hosted a lecture by Ms. Toya Robinson, Pulmonary Care Specialist from Discovery Labs. Ms. Robinson presented information on a new type of surfactant in the market. Surfactant is a substance produced by the lungs that facilitates normal breathing. This substance is at times absent in premature babies and must be injected into the lungs.

Ms. Robinson came to FNU as a courtesy of Discovery Labs. The connection was made last year during the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Respiratory Care in Anaheim, CA. It is customary for FNU to invite guest lectures from Respiratory pharmaceutical and medical equipment companies which have booths set up at these types of conference for the purpose of educating the respiratory care professionals to the newest products in the market.

FNU Respiratory Therapy students
FNU Respiratory Therapy students

Our students actively participated and asked many questions. The lecture was held in the Golden Room, and refreshments were provided afterwards.

Florida National University awards an Associate of Science degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Therapy.

If you or someone you know is interested in FNU’s Respiratory Therapy program, please call our Office of Admissions at 305-821-3333.