Guide to Attending a University in South Florida as An International Student

The United States (US) is a vast country, and every state is uniquely different in terms of its history, culture, climate, and economy. International students who select South Florida as the location to attend college usually do it for a couple of reasons: the university and the location.

Depending on where you’re from, location might be a top priority to you. For instance, if you are from South America, then the South Florida area may appeal to you a little more because of its rich Latin American culture, not to mention its year round tropical weather and nearby location to the sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Little things like this could be the deal breaker for some prospective students when it comes to choosing a college. Just like in real estate, location is key, and oftentimes, where the college or university is located can make all the difference between becoming a Florida National University Conquistador in Miami, Florida, or an Ottawa University Brave in Ottawa, Kansas!

Have You Already Made Your Choice?

If you’ve already chosen the South Florida area to earn your college degree, then the administration of Florida National University (FNU) urges you to seriously consider becoming a Conquistador!

FNU’s priority is to make all of our international students feel like our university is their home away from home. Being based in the South Florida area, our university has a large number of Hispanic students, making our institution diverse in culture and language.

Bilingual Programs

A few of our academic programs like Patient Care Technician and Medical Assistant are taught in Spanish. We’ve found this to be most helpful for students who have English as their second language. This has proven to help all international students adapt to life as an American student. To make sure that international students are getting the most out of their American education, FNU challenges our students to be more fluent in English by offering three English as a Second Language course levels.

English as a Second Language

FNU’s English as a Second Language courses are offered in three specific levels:

  • Basic

  • Intermediate

  • High Intermediate Level

The overall goal of these courses is to help students improve their English speaking, listening, and reading comprehension skills at an accelerated rate. Depending on how far advanced each student is, our academic advisors will recommend the level that’s best suited for him or her. To get optimal results, most of our international students may choose to take all three courses.

The Student Government Association

International students will also have the opportunity to put their English-speaking skills to work if they decide to join FNU’s Student Government Association (SGA). This self-governing student body serves as a liaison between the students and the faculty administration giving them a platform to not only exercise their English speaking and comprehension skills, but also to learn how to work collectively in organizing student activities that include, but are not limited to fundraisers, sporting events, and more.

FNU’s SGA is also a great place to socialize and have fun. College is hard work, but no one said that you couldn’t have fun while earning your degree! As a member of FNU’s SGA, you’ll be able to assist in organizing and even participating in some of FNU’s biggest events that have been recognized by Miami, Florida’s media. This alone can become a great portfolio building experience. You’ll have the opportunity to serve as SGA President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or representative.
Other Ways You Can Get Involved with FNU

The key to becoming more comfortable as an international student in the US is to get involved with your campus. We’ve already informed you about the English as a Second Language classes, and the SGA. Aside from academic opportunities, FNU also has an athletic program that is part of the United States Collegiate Athletic Association. The following sports that are available for try-outs are men’s basketball and soccer, and women’s volleyball.

If you are interested in playing college sports, or becoming part of FNU’s athletic organization, then fill out this online application here.

FNU: Helping You Get Comfortable with College!

The US has reportedly over 800,000 international students seeking to earn a college education. FNU is dedicated to doing whatever we can to help make international students’ experience a positive and memorable one. Contact an FNU advisor to schedule an appointment to learn how you can get the admission process underway today!