Guide to Florida National University’s Online Bachelor Programs

a laptop and a coffee cup on a wooden tableIf you’re seriously considering pursuing a bachelor’s degree online, then there are a couple of things you should know.

There’s this myth that online bachelor programs are somehow easier than the traditional classroom setting.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it can be argued that it’s actually a bit more challenging. That is not to say the coursework online is harder than the assignments in a brick and mortar setting. The actual challenge comes from managing your course, setting aside the time to take the classes, and then studying for them. That sort of thing takes discipline.

Online Classroom vs. Traditional Brick and Mortar Setting

Now with the traditional classroom setting, it’s already structured for you. The time, place, and agenda are mapped out for you. All you have to do is show up and do the work. Even then, there’s still a great deal of responsibility you must manage on your end, but with an online class, the syllabus is presented to you and it’s all on you, the student to manage when you want to take the class, where, and for how long.

The Pros and Cons of Working Independently

This might sound very appealing to those who like the idea of working independently, but the one thing you must take into consideration when committing to an online bachelor’s degree program… is that you’re working independently! That means while you’ll be taking some virtual classes, there will be no professor hovering over you asking where your assignment is and inquiring if you’ve prepared for your mid-term. No. With an online bachelor’s degree program, the syllabus is laid all out for you to manage around your own personal schedule. And this is why most people prefer to earn their bachelor’s degree online.

Challenges of Earning a Degree While Working

Many people working today aspire to earn their college degree, but for some reason, cannot ever seem to find the time to do it. It’s either because their current job isn’t flexible enough to allow them to take college courses, even part-time, or they have personal obligations like raising a family, taking care of a loved one, or reasons unknown to us.

It’s not uncommon to hold more than one job these days. So registering for classes that are held in the evening might not even be an option. For people with this type of busy lifestyle, a bachelor’s degree doesn’t seem like it’s even possible.

What Type of College Offers a Flexible Online Bachelor’s Program?

Florida National University (FNU), an accredited college located in South Florida, offers a wide selection of bachelor degree programs that you can take online.

Here is a list of online bachelor degree programs offered at FNU:

Bachelor of Science:

  • Accounting – This degree program will prepare students for an entry-level career in the accounting-related field. Because accounting is applicable to almost any industry, you’ll have a wide range of job opportunities. Almost every business can use the services of an accountant. A degree in accounting will also prepare you to take advanced courses should you choose to pursue a higher level of education.
  • Business Administration – This is another versatile degree program that is applicable to many different job industries. Although the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration branches out a little further than the Accounting degree would in regards to the curriculum. Here, you’ll learn about the general knowledge of business along with acquiring the skills needed to land a job in the business sector whether it’s corporate, private, industrial, or nonprofit.
  • Criminal Justice – Students who have a passion to work in law enforcement might want to consider a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. In this degree program, students will be able to exercise their critical and analytical skills by investigating complex data and communicating their findings with one another to draw a conclusive resolution to the assignments offered.
  • Health Services Administration – This degree is great for people who want to work in the administrative part of the healthcare industry. Students with this degree will have a broader range of knowledge of how the Health Care System works beyond the medical aspect.
  • Natural Sciences – Pre-Medicine, pre-dentistry, and pre-pharmacy students can enroll in this course as its curriculum teaches a basic background in Biology and Chemistry. Read about FNU graduate, Rachel Bibilonia’s success story of securing a seat in dentistry school as a Natural Sciences student here.
  • Nursing – Earn your bachelor’s degree in nursing so that your resume will be more appealing to hospital administrators who are always looking for the most qualified applicant. Students who complete this degree program will be eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX) to qualify as a Certified Registered Nurse (CNA).
  • Psychology – This degree program will prepare students for entry-level positions in the field of psychology. Whether you are looking to become a professor at a college or university, or go on to pursue a higher degree, this bachelors program is equipped with the knowledge that will help you toward those career goals.
  • Respiratory Therapy – Become an expert in the healthcare field and master your skills in Respiratory Therapy. Here, you’ll gain management and supervisory skills that’s applicable for all healthcare settings.

Bachelor of Arts

  • Legal Studies – FNU offers a great bachelor’s program in Legal Studies. With this degree, you’ll be able to qualify for a job as a Paralegal, working alongside attorneys in a law firm, private practice, government agency, or nonprofit.

For more information about the online bachelor degree and other programs that FNU has to offer, visit our online catalog here. You can also contact our admissions department to start the enrollment process today.