Which Healthcare Career is Right for Me?

Short Certificate Programs

The medical career is growing at a much faster
pace than most other industries and qualified employees are scarce and
valuable. Florida National University understands this and caters to a
demographic that wishes to enter or continue to grow in the health care field.

A certificate in Patient Care can answer all
of those basic questions about your field that you have had doubts on, building
your confidence in your work and is an easier way to prove to your employers
the value of your knowledge and skills.

Our intensive certificate in Echocardiography
can be an excellent, focused study in a specialized, technical field that will
position you for a high-paying career in a relatively short amount of time.

Dental assistants are always in demand, as

Is a Career as a Patient Care Technician Right For Me?

People employed as a Patient Care Technicians have the following responsibilities:

  • take patients’ vital
  • collect
  • perform
  • assist patients
    with eating, personal hygiene and grooming

Taking care of patients is a
typical entry point for many people into the healthcare field and does not
require a degree. From patient care, many choose to get a certificate to gain
knowledge, expand their skills and justify higher pay. Patient care technicians
are needed absolutely everywhere you can imagine and, therefore, have varied
“workplaces” including patients’ homes, nursing homes, assisted living
quarters, clinics and hospitals. The hourly pay ranges from $10 – $16.

The Patient Care Technician program at FNU only takes eight months to complete if the student takes the classes consecutively. The Patient Care Technician program may be for you if this sounds like you:

  • My priority is to break into the health care field as soon as possible and have some training and a credential to be taken seriously in my job-finding efforts
  • Working one-on-one with people is something I look forward to and/or do well
  • Active work is more attractive to me than sedentary
  • Prefer a varied working environment

Is a Career as a Clinical Echocardiographic Technologist Right For Me?

People employed as a Echocardiographers use ultrasound medical equipment to check a patient’s heart’s function. Medical sonographers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, made on national average $65,620 in 2017. The most lucrative positions for cardiovascular technologists were in Offices of other health practitioners, earning a mean annual wage of $77,520 in California. Specifically clinical echocardiographers evaluate:

  • irregularities
    in heart size
  • cardiac rhythm
    and strength
  • valves or clots;
    if blood is flowing properly
  • development of
    heart conditions or tumors

On average, students complete the Clinical Echocardiographycertificate program at FNU in sixteen months, which equates to approximately one full year and a semester.

  • My priority is to
    make a higher salary through a relatively short educational program, and I’m
    willing to bet on a high specialized field
  • Relocating isn’t
    a problem if I cannot find a position near my home
  • I like
    technology and medical equipment
  • I’m willing and
    able to complete 60 hours of laboratory work
  • I’m willing and able to complete 840 hours of
    clinical practice
  • My communication
    skills in English are at a professional level
  • I’m willing and able to meet the requirements to complete the clinical rotations required in the certificate program, including:
    • paying for liability insurance
    • furnishing my own uniforms
    • completing mandatory seminars, such as:
      • BLS
      • OSHA
      • HIV
      • HIPPA

“For any information on these programs address your questions on our contact form to Dr Loreto Almonte

Is a Career as a Dental Assistant Right For Me?

Dental assistants are in demand in every city, ever corner dental clinic. Some states require a certification, but not all. The BLS states that the job outlook is growing at a “much faster pace than average” of 19%. That said, the average national pay was $37,630, or $18.09 per hour, with the highest percentile reaching up to $53,130 nationally and $50,850 in Florida. Some of the duties of a dental assistant include:

  • taking x-rays
  • documenting
    interaction with patients and dental health
  • maintaining
    patient records
  • scheduling
  • work almost
    exclusively in a clinical, office environment

On average, students take a year and a half to two years to complete the dental assistant program at FNU. You can expect to take classes on

  • dental anatomy
  • diet, nutrition
    and oral hygiene
  • front office

If you’re considering becoming a Dental Assistant these might be incentives to consider:

  • It is important
    that I can find work quickly and very close to my home, relocation is truly a
    last resort
  • I’m willing and
    able to complete 120 hours of clinical practice
  • I’m willing and able to meet the requirements to complete the clinical rotations required in the certificate program, including:
    • paying for liability insurance
    • furnishing my own uniforms
    • completing mandatory seminars, such as:
      • BLS
      • OSHA
      • HIV
      • HIPPA

Your Decision on Your University Education Towards a Health Care Career

There are a few essential items to keep in mind when choosing a health care career and your studies.


Firstly, some universities are not accredited and degrees are not recognized nationally. Stick to programs that are nationally accredited so you can go anywhere in the U.S. with this degree and it will be just as valid as any other accredited, university-level program in Florida. Florida National University is fully accredited. Also, if you decided that you’d like to further your studies and go for an Associate, Baccalaureate or Master’s degree, FNU has a full range of programs in health care – as well as other fields! You could choose from electives in psychology, information technology and other degrees that interest you and round out your knowledge-base.


Choose a university that will support you. Our professors are famed among our graduates for their support, read student success stories and testimonials. This support is included even down to our mission, which states that FNU “strives to provide the educational facilities and resources that support intensive sessions of study in small classes, in order to foster in the student the attainment of a quality university education according to the student’s personal goals, and the advancement of modern technology.”


Having your campus nearby is a major plus. We have various campuses, one in South Miami (11865 SW 26th Street) as well as brand new facilities in Hialeah right off of the freeway (4425 W. José Reguiero/20th Street).

If you still have any doubts about which program is best for you, contact Dr. Loreto Almonte, head of the Allied Health Division.