Helping for the Holidays

The FNU SGA will be collecting donations for His House Children's Home this holiday season.

I call my close friends “my adoptive family.” My blood relatives all live out of state, so the only family I have here in Miami is the family I make for myself. Creating an adoptive family isn’t easy. You have to select just the right individuals. These people both nurture and support you and challenge you to learn and grow.

I’m fortunate enough to be a discerning adult when it comes to selecting these individuals. I am able to choose people who are not neglectful or abusive. I am able to choose people who share my values and genuinely care about my well being (just as I care about theirs). Children who are thrust into the foster care system are not so fortunate, however. They do not have the liberty to select their caregivers. Caregivers are selected for them. For some, the process can feel like a revolving door. One organization seeks to make a difference: His House Children’s Home.

According to their website, “His House Children’s Home is committed to breaking the cycle of abuse while meeting the emotional, medical, educational and social needs of the whole child.” It was a commitment FNU staff member Maria Hoffman witnessed first hand, when she attended the volunteer training program:

“We had a tour of the facility. We went into one of the homes for teenagers and we also visited the Academy which was very safe and clean.”

His House Academy opened in 2004 and “exists to challenge students in grades 5K through 8th to become well-balanced individuals by providing a holistic education for mental, physical, social, and spiritual development.”

This holiday season the FNU Student Government Association will be collecting donations for His House Children’s Home:

“In high school we used to donate presents for needy children each Christmas. It was a really nice experience, so we wanted to do something similar this holiday season. Dimitri (FNU SGA South Campus Chapter President) suggested His House.” ~ Katerine Veiga (FNU SGA South Campus Chapter Secretary)

Both Hialeah and the South Campus will be collecting specific non-perishable food items requested by His House Children’s Home. (See any SGA member or the Office of Student Services for details.)
For more information on His House Children’s Home, visit their website at For up to the minute updates, join their facebook page.